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Fire fighters fuel
Carroll council try

By Chip Drago
Mobile Bay Times
A $5,000 contribution from the Mobile Fire Fighters Association is helping fuel William C. Carroll's effort to unseat incumbent District 2 City Councilman Thomas Sullivan in city elections Tuesday.

The 35-year-old general contractor's campaign opened the filing period with a balance of $367.97, raised $15,640 in cash contributions and spent $6,694.05, according to his final pre-election financial report.

Carroll's entered the race's waning days with a balance of $10,253.92.

Others contending for the District 2 seat are Johnny Burroughs and Jeffery Jones.

A runoff election, if necessary, would be held Sept. 13.

Sullivan has occupied the District 2 Council seat since 1989.

Among Carroll's other leading contributors were:

Carroll included among his expenditures the following: $2,520, Cumulus Broadcasting; $500, Eichold Company; and $100, Harry Austin.

For complete details on the Carroll campaign's final pre-election financial report, click here
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