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Sullivan fighting to hold on to City Council District 2 

By Chip Drago
Mobile Bay Times
Mobile City Councilman Thomas Sullivan raised $15,765 during the weeks leading up to Tuesday's city elections as he attempts to claim a fifth four-year term at City Hall.

Sullivan opened the period with a balance of $589.27 and spent $9,284.05, leaving his campaign with a balance of $7,070.22, according to his final pre-election financial disclosure.

Candidates for municipal office must file financial disclosure statements 45 days prior to the election and again 10 to five days before the election.

Others contending for the District 2 seat are William Carroll, Johnny Burroughs and Jeffery Jones.

Sullivan's financial backers include:

Among the Sullivan campaign's expenditures were the following: $512.27, BellSouth; $900, Property Realty Inc.; $1,030, Cumulus Broadcasting; $900, Property Realty Inc.; $2,169.10, Griffice Printing; $820.25, WKRG TV; $420.75, WALA TV; and $865, On Media.

For complete details of the Sullivan campaign's final pre-election financial report, click here.
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