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July 29, 2005
At 200, Alexis de Tocqueville would still recognize
the United States.

Americans perplexed and anxious about relations
with Muslim world (Embargoed for release on Aug. 3)

Historic WWII tugboat donated to maritime museum in Arkansas.

Neumann sworn in as U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan.

Findings in bully study released.

Medicare at 40.

Tony & Tacky: When adults try to be hip & X#@$*!X^% Barney, the foul-mouthed parrot. 

Congressman names $1 billion bridge to nowhere after himself.

Shelby announces transit projects for south Alabama.

Mobile Airport Authority gets $2.5 million to improve runways.

Atlanta city councilman offers to quit for $100,000.

Lawmakers increasingly use revolving door to launch lucrative lobbying careers.

Congressional incumbents off to a roaring start in campaign fundraising.

"Gay We Go" in Utah.

HUD replaces New Orleans housing board with veteran public housing specialist.

New home sales surge to all-time record pace in June.

Amid punishing heat wave, U.S. power industry breaks all-time record for electricity demand.

Opt-out notice rule for insurance and credit solicitations takes effect Aug. 1.

U.S. Muslims issue fatwa against terrorists. (Surprise, surprise: Fatwa is bogus.)

Families don't sit down to eat together anymore. Something has been lost.

July 27, 2005
Mobile's Golden Age, part 10.

Final Energy Bill: Too little energy, too much pork.

MR spectroscopy helps identify cancerous breast tumors.

Study of Chinese economy released.

Jobs in the green industry.

Computer game simulation helps Special Forces learn adaptive thinking and cultural awareness.

July 26, 2005
Assessment of Mobile economy a mixed bag of weaknesses, a bright spot or two, worries and potential. Consultants give county commission first phase of economic study.

Labor's Love Lost: AFL-CIO calling it splitsville. Papers take note. Hoffa remarks on Teamsters' departure.

When it comes to education loans, Uncle Sam wears dunce cap in market economics.

Supreme Court case involving free speech could have major implications for whistleblowers and the public.

Safety up in the air with plane traffic around nation's capitol and the Big Apple.

Existing home sales smash record again, up 2.7 percent in June.

States should follow North Carolina's lead when it comes to hog lagoons.

Interior secretary reassures Florida solon Bush not planning to shift Gulf waters from Florida to Louisiana.

Almost $1.4 billion in construction projects completed in Iraq since transfer of sovereignty.

Spammer blocked.

July 25, 2005
Today the Mobile County Commission is expected to get the first part of an analysis of the local economy.

Term limits for Supreme Court justices?

Appeasement alive and well in Old Europe.

Orange alerts cost nation's transit systems $900,000 a day.

Washington plays blame game with Plane name.

Long lost photographs shed new light on Scopes trial.

Patriot Act un-American, says Vermont congressman. Connecticut legislator also questions the act's merits. Liberty in the balance, says Georgia representative. Alabama Democrat backs act.

Florida solon scents Bush plot to shift Gulf waters from Florida to Louisiana.

Most recent estimates of world's proved reserves of oil and natural gas.

July 22, 2005
Discovery of tunnel under U.S.-Canadian border leads to arrests of drug smugglers.

Lawsuit charges Gulfport, MS courts with using county jail as debtors' prison.

New study reveals 724,000 Americans rely on eBay sales for income.

Delay's support among colleagues drying up in face of criticism.

Feds to propose new energy rules for SUVs, pick-ups and mini-vans.

Local GOP honors the late Harold Dodd.

A consumers' guide to residential electricity prices.

New device counters terrorism, keeps troops alive.

July 21, 2005
Police captain seeking City Council seat.

Manufacturers back states' use of taxbreaks to lure economic development.

Incumbents self-serving when it comes to redistricting.

What a World: Government officials rewarded for lying, punished for telling the truth.

July 20, 2005
NOW calls Roberts an extremist, says he's not interested in 'fairness and equality,' would flush Americans hard-won rights.

Social safety net works, study states.

Iraq's constitution at a crossroads.

Field of Beams: Novel program uses polarized light pulses to reveal crop health.

Be optimistic; it's good for you.

Testimony on Navy's destroyer program, big cost overruns seen as likely. 

More than 125 lawmakers now co-sponsor measure to make English the nation's official language.

Glycemic index may be next new wave among nutrition nuts.

What every European should know about global warming. Union of Concerned Scientists takes a different view.

Retail group expects 8 percent slide in back-to-school spending as demand for computers cools.

July 19, 2005
Report analyzes administrative expenses and compensation patterns for 10,000 grant-making foundations.

Dark chocolate may reduce blood pressure, improve insulin resistance.

Measuring media ownership 'meaningless.'

National Sheriffs Association backs federal animal-fighting legislation.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes hunting, fishing in six national wildlife refuges, including Alabama.

Unmarried and Single Americans Week: Facts from the U.S. Census Bureau.

July 18, 2005
Incumbent City Councilman Thomas Sullivan's bid to win a fifth term as the District 2 representative will not come easily. The qualifying deadline looms and City Councilman Fred Richardson has no
opponent in sight in District 1. Still, an incumbent must prepare for a campaign. District 4 City Councilman Ben Brooks appears
well-positioned to win re-election. City Councilwoman Connie Hudson's re-election seems as sure a bet as girl scouts selling cookies.

Volcanic Politics: Congress considers setting up a race-based government for Native Hawaiians.

Gang violence down 73 percent over past 10 years.
BRAC recommendations fail to consider impact of closing military bases on National Guard, Reserve. Guard chief vows to minimize adverse effects on guardsmen.

Sept. 1 deadline set for FDA to act on 'over-the-counter' sale of 'morning after' pill.

July 15, 2005
With five announced candidates, the race for the District 7 seat on the Mobile City Council will be hotly contested. Here's an early look at the
campaign's financing.

Disgruntled Phillies fan/spammer gets four years in stir.

Former Mexican foreign minister demands open border, billions in exchange for cooperation in war on terror.

Emily eyeing Mexico-Texas border.

Analysis suggests radio-tv vouchers would increase competitiveness in congressional races.

Report released on improving U.S.-Turkish cooperation on Iraq.

July 14, 2005
Bess Rich released from hospital.

Sam Jones leads 'dash for cash.'

July 13, 2005
Bess Rich hospitalized with high fever.

The latest in the topsy-turvy world of the race to succeed John Peavy as the District 7 representative on the Mobile City Council.

Did Mobile City Council President Reggie Copeland endorse John Peavy for mayor during a recent press conference?

Local Democrats will have an "Ol' Timers" Picnic in Municipal Park Friday, July 22 at 5 p.m. to honor past party stalwarts.

Emily appears headed to Yucatan.

Entrepreneurs scoff at rising oil prices.

Study says losing a military base need not hurt a community's economy.

Puerto Rico cops busted for being drug lords' escorts, muscle.

Menopause symptoms may return if hormone therapy stopped.

July 12, 2005
Is it 'to be' or 'not to be' for real estate developer Rick Collins in his deliberations over a second City Council, District 7 race?

Local Democratic Party leaders to meet Saturday.

Five-day projection for Tropical Storm Emily.

Bush orders federal aid in Alabama's recovery from Hurricane Dennis.

Crash risk is four times higher when driver is using a hand-held cellphone.

Long-term economic forecast projects robust growth through 2007.

Nearly 4,000 people died in fires in 2004.

Minorities occupy 21.2 percent of television news staff jobs.

Ability, not disability, at heart of California to Hawaii yacht trek.

July 11, 2005
Hurricane Dennis prompts local GOP committee to postpone meeting until July 18.

Dennis a Dud: Alabama coast breathes sigh of relief, gets awfully early wake-up call. Consumer group warns of post-hurricane dangers.

Underwater sand avalanches linked to sea level changes in the Gulf of Mexico.

Supreme Court uniting the nation in disgust and anger over its majestic arrogance.

Aspirin too often overlooked as prevention for heart attacks.

Guantanamo Bay commanding officer relieved of duties.

Percentage of school integration affects minority youths’ sense of injustice.

Employment growth continues for 25th month.

Peace Corps suspends program in Gabon.

July 7, 2005
The Mobile County Republican Executive Committee will elect several new members when it meets Monday, July 18.

Democratic leader may swap Roe v. Wade to get trial lawyer on Supreme Court.

National Hurricane Center.

Reporter jailed for refusing to reveal source of story she never wrote. Journalists' group decries sentencing. Lugar bill protecting reporters awaits hearing before Senate Judiciary Committee.

Mississippi congressman joins national effort to help criminal offenders expunge their records.

July 6, 2005
Judge orders light shone on shadowy mayoral tactics.

Shane McBryde bows out.

July 5, 2005
Local real estate developer Rick Collins, once seen as the likely favorite in the District 7 City Council race this summer, instead announced that business commitments would prevent him from running. Is Collins' decision final? His answer is surprising.

California hospitals required to submit price list.

State motor fuel tax rates.

July 2, 2005
Port St. Lucie, Fla., is nation's fastest-growing city.

Seasonal bottlenecks crimp summer travel plans.

Don't criticize Big Brother or else.

NAACP objects to Mexico's 'Aunt Jemima' stamp. Farrakhan, Jackson called race hustlers.

Bald eagles thriving.

Bush's Iraq Speech: Long On Assertion, Short On Facts.
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