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July 31, 2012
The Political Round-Up:​

Orr's bill goes beyond federal restrictions on use of welfare money.

Decatur Daily: Obamacare will reduce deficit.

As ‘fiscal cliff’ looms, debate over pre-Election Day layoff notices heats up.

GOP aims to scale back Medicaid.

More than 2,300 Alabama businesses get special electric rates. 

Alabama's bingo hell.

'You didn't build that:' A flup or a glimpse behind the curtain?

Bailed out General Motors: Redefining success story.

Orwell imagined Big Brother; did Steve Jobs make it real?

Modern GOP isn't anti-big government; it's anti-big Democratic government. 

July 30, 2012
The coming train wreck: Alabama’s fiscal stability depends on Sept. 18 vote — and more.

New York Times: Defining religious liberty down.

NYC mayor wants hospitals to lock up baby formula to promote breast-feeding.

Health care mandate faces huge resistance in Oklahoma.

Decatur Daily: Have race relations improved?

More and more pianos sound their last note at a dump.

Unbloodied by critics, Lamotta exits stage left-right-left.

July 29, 2012
Galliher's new role.

Line dividing bribes and campaign contributions should be cut and dry.​

Poll: Americans like Obama more than Romney.

Washington Post: A throwback to poll taxes.

New York Times: Migrants' freedom ride.

Lawmakers plan to run again as double-dipping ban looms.

July 28, 2012
Bail bond fee lawsuit still alive: Arguments in new case to be heard Aug. 6.

Washington Post: If Obama loses the election, here's why.

Mitt Romney in Birmingham Aug. 15.

Obama's Muslim problem equals Romney's Mormon problem.

Republicans campaign against Obama tax plan.

The origins of 'you didn't build that.'

Top 10 most dangerous liberals.

Pennsylvania's capitalist revolt.

Ry Cooder's rabble-rousing new album.

July 27, 2012
Artur Davis: Civil rights not violated by voter ID laws.

Galliher leaving Legislature to join Bentley's cabinet.

Alabama asks federal court to rule its redistricting plan does not violate U.S. voting rights laws.

Dothan EagleHere we go again. Governor hopes for vote, court decision on electronic bingo.

What Mississippi can learn from Iran.

Vitter, Sessions slam administration on border security.

New news in New Orleans.

July 26, 2012
Internet sales taxes in our future.

​Negative ads seek to define candidates.

Los Angeles Times: AIDS, the South's shame

Obama didn't build air conditioning; Carrier did.

'Enough is enough,' says Severia Campbell-Morris, as she makes her bid for mayor of Prichard.

July 25, 2012
Alabama seeks its Internet sales tax: State missed out on $263 million in ’11; total expected to rise.

Inside the Statehouse with Steve Flowers: Here's a few things going on in the State.

Fed leaning closer to new stimulus if no growth seen.

Common ground possible in gun debate.

CIA's Mission Impossible: Get a new gym.

Hurt with a beat-down of Hollywood elites.

Decatur DailyCracking down on welfare cash. 

July 24, 2012
The incredible shrinking -- and increasingly valuable -- undecided voter.

Los Angeles TimesRent-seeking distorts economy.

Environmentalists target five Republicans who question humans' impact on climate. 

Anniston Star: Where else will Bentley, Legislature cut to reach the $1 billion goal?

Gadsden TimesWelfare restrictions not out of line.

July 23, 2012
Private probation company responds to recent complaints.

Supporters of Sept. 18 General Fund vote mount 'targeted' campaign.

In swing states, economic picture a little brighter for Obama.

Pennsylvania coal companies announce layoffs, blame Obama.

The Medicaid albatross.

Bentley takes wait and see stance on Medicaid expansion.

U.S. poverty nearing highest rate since 1960s.

Airbus picks Mobile for site of final assembly plant. 

July 22, 2012
Food stamp use in Alabama skyrockets.

Alabama National Guard investigating air travel to England.

Congressional incumbents out-raise challengers 100-1.

Sentencing hearing provided insight into lives of Gilley, Massey and Spicer.

State faces difficult financial choices.

July 21, 2012
Bentley: Rumors about special session false.

State savings great, but September vote vital.

Vast majority of U.S. states trail their pre-recession job levels three years into recovery.

Tax loopholes block effort to close gaping U.S. deficit.

Obama's vision elevates government, obliterates the individual.

July 20, 2012
Congress's debate on year-end 'fiscal cliff' sets stage for fall showdowns.​

Is Obama victim of GOP's neo-McCarthyism?

The quiet overturn of No Child Left Behind.

New York Times: Democrats gain upper hand.

Legal battles erupt over tougher voter ID laws.

Census surveys: Information that we need.

July 19, 2012
The Political Round-Up: Dean not done.

Bentley maps road to $1 billion in savings.

UA researchers find marsh healing: One area of Gulf appears free of oil; bacteria responsible for breaking down pollutants.

Economic fears weighing on Obama.

Washington PostShow us your returns, Mr. Romney.

Romney, under pressure to release tax returns, turns fire on Obama.

Corrections officials prepare for worst-case scenario.

Gun turn-ins for $100 gift cards an exercise in futility.

Cronyism built that: Dem donors rake in billions under Obama Administration.

Hot mayoral race in Prichard.

Frisco area drivers could be forced to install GPS devices in order to tax their driving.

Reid can't explain why Dems didn't raise taxes when they had the chance. 

July 18, 2012
State Sen. Hank Sanders: How will I vote Sept. 18?

Inside the Statehouse with Steve Flowers: Voters happy with Bentley.

AG's office maintains ongoing corruption investigation.

From within and without, pressure mounting on Romney.

NRA, business interests clash and GOP caught in cross-fire.

Gloomy forecast for states even if economy does rebound.

Obama descending into self-parody?

July 17, 2012
Anniston StarRoy Moore means controversy, so get ready.

​Hyundai to put brakes on growth.

Lawmaker urges passage of budget amendment.

July 16, 2012
Obama's imperial presidency.

Independent press or lapdogs?

A case so cold it was blue.

Changing focus to inequalities in opportunity.

The merit-based society.

Democrats threaten to go over 'fiscal cliff' if Republicans won't agree to raise taxes.

States' actions on voter ID laws stoke debate.

From glory to disgrace: 12 American hellholes.

July 15, 2012
Will Alabama voter ID law stop election fraud?

The mercurial Artur Davis.

Peculiar days at the Statehouse. By Gerald Johnson.

AEA chief supports raid on rainy day fund.

Obama, Romney: Peas in a pod?

New York Times: Money talks.

Washington PostFive myths about free enterprise.

Identifying all immigrants as legal or illegal big mistake.

July 14, 2012
Judge in Alabama halts private probation.

2012 campaign reaches new phase, as Obama, Romney ratchet up their attacks on each other.

Governors' meeting focused on Medicaid debate.

Judges skeptical of Texas' arguments on voter ID law. 

July 13, 2012
The Political Round-Up

This Week in Washington with U.S. Rep. Jo Bonner.

Southern Poverty Law Center co-founder Morris Dees tapped for top American Bar Association honor.

Anniston Star: The odd saga of Artur Davis.

July 12, 2012
The Political Round-Up:

An open letter to the Gulf Coast Recovery Council of Alabama. By Drs. George Crozier and John Valentine, retired and current, respectively, executive director, Dauphin Island Sea Lab.

Lack of leadership to blame for Mobile's woeful recreational facilities.

Romney says he offers better chance for blacks.

Medicaid top topic at governors' meet.

Obama backing of Bush tax cuts a shrewd political move.

Who is the smallest government spender since Eisenhower? Would you believe it's Barack Obama? So claims Forbes pundit.

Bankers corner market on greed.

July 11, 2012
Wall Street Journal: Airbus' move to Alabama vs. Boeing's move to South Carolina. ​Mobile Area Education Foundation gets credit in Airbus landing. 

They’re young, healthy and flat broke — and now the government says they have to buy thousands of dollars’ worth of medical insurance.

Inside the Statehouse with Steve Flowers: Candidates advised to remember -- It's the economy, stupid.

Anniston Star: If only Alabama could put as much effort into solving its vital issues as did in landing Airbus.

Alabama House Democrats to fight GOP redistricting plan.

Gadsden Times: Ensuring integrity of voter rolls important.

Creditor: Jefferson County way too slow on workout plan to repay debt.

Anniston Star: Poarch Creek Indians, Escambia County should settle their differences.

State Sen. Hank Sanders: Sending out an SOS.

Big Brother just 164 feet away, and closing fast.

July 10, 2012
Tuscaloosa News: New voter ID law strives to prevent fraud.

Anniston Star to cease Monday edition in October.

Obama, Romney in deadlock, says poll.

July 9, 2012
The Political Round-Up: Nodine, no less, on Airbus.

States, Congress rallying for e-sales tax.

Union will seek to organize Airbus workers in Mobile.

Airbus plant in Mobile no cause for concern, says Boeing.

Obama calls for extension of Bush tax cuts.

Why U.S. economic policy is paralyzed.

States can still kill Obamacare.

Tough ID laws could block thousands of 2012 votes.

Appalachia turns on itself.

July 8, 2012
Alabama Republican Party traces its success to Louisiana transplant.

Obama then and now.

Gulf states plan to spend billions in BP fine money.

Former Gov. Jim Folsom Jr.: Airbus impact to mimic Mercedes.

Mobile big winner in Airbus, Boeing competition.

Alabama reception a hot ticket at London air show.

Airubs close to doubling year's orders.

July 7, 2012
Obama tax breaks vs. Obama tax hikes: Which is greater?

Airbus plant a big deal for Alabama.

July 6, 2012
Alabama future shines all the brighter with Airbus announcement.  

Romney's problem on health care tax.

Soaring court costs.

Automotive supplier opening in east Alabama.

This week in Washington with Congressman Jo Bonner.

Taking apart Roberts' awful decision.

July 5, 2012
Airbus Over Alabama: French company finds congenial home in American South. 

Airbus has landed.

repeat of Mercedes?

Airbus/Boeing battle for the American skies escalates.

Florence Times Daily: Register by party.

In four key swing states, voters are anxious, divided and debating big questions.

USA Today: Artur Davis shows hypocrisy in switching parties.

Anniston Star: 'Obamacare' will one day become rallying cry for virtues of Big Government.

The shifting sands of mandates and taxes.

Countrywide won influence with discounts for congressmen, insiders. 

Socialization of America economically impossible.

Vatican receives money-laundering report.

Georgia's hottest export: Chopsticks

Fun & Games: Boo to you, too.

July 4, 2012
trumpet call.

Is U.S. land of liberty or equality?

Adios, Rose Towers.

Opelika-Auburn News: Alabama shouldn't require party allegiance.

Dream comes true: Woman works to bring her children to Alabama.

Inside the Statehouse with Steve Flowers: Beset by B's, Fob wins '78 governor's race. 

Airbus workers in Europe seek jobs guarantee in wake of Mobile move.

Tha, tha, that's all, folks. 

July 3, 2012
The Political Round-Up: Is today's win tomorrow's loss?

U.S. unions disappointed with Airbus' Mobile location.

Alabama gives Airbus $158 million in incentives.

Gadsden Times: GOP right to restrict its primary elections to Republicans.

Poor land in jail as companies add huge fees for probation.

Anniston Star: RESTORE spending must be transparent and accountable.

Now it's conservatives' time to be wary of 'political' Supreme Court. 

Let political process play out. By David Brooks, New York Times

Obamacare's hideous history recounted. By Quin HillyerAmerican Spectator.

Return to founders' ideals, and step on it.

July 2, 2012
​New York Times: Alabama, stop doing our job.

Stung by recession, young voters shed image as Obama brigade.

Gadsden Times: Gonna be a health care election.

Nothing to fear but democracy itself.

July 1, 2012
Cooperation between governor, legislature overlooked. By Mike Hubbard and Del Marsh.

Conservatives still control high court despite healthcare ruling.

After Supreme Court term, line between 'conservative' and 'liberal' blurrier.

terminal case of precedent.

Supreme Court springs a leak.

Immigrants and small business.

Get tough on drunk boating.

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