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June 30, 2006
Murder and sex in the kitchen and on the fly: update in Fun & Games.

June 29, 2006
National education group praises Mobile Area Education Foundation.
Executive summary. Full report (n.b. pp.10-12).  

June 28, 2006
Should the eastbound I-10 on-ramp at Water Street through the Wallace Tunnel be closed?

Alabama fishing industry may get $28 million boost.

The explanatory black patch.

June 27, 2006
Homeland security funding includes $4 million for a new CSX Railroad bridge on the Mobile River.

June 26, 2006
New food service operation to begin at Mobile Regional Airport in a few days.

June 25, 2006
Junior Misses to face off in oyster slurping contest at Wintzell's Monday.

June 24, 2006
Forget Hell!: Gumbo, revenge and a mother's kind mercy.

June 23, 2006
Mobile Airport: Frequently asked questions.

Releasing the Dove of Love: Marriage gets off to a roaring start.

Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine issues June newsletter.

Katrina victim lingers on in NYC.

June 22, 2006
The Political Buzz: Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't; BCA sits tight; Making it official in the U.S. Attorney's office; Millsaps fundraiser slated.

Night action in Iraq.

Photos of the west end of Dauphin Island taken after Tropical Storm Alberto passed way south of the Alabama coast a couple of weeks ago. The water is from the increased tides, not rain. 1, 2, 3, 4.
Just another one of those days when you're torn in two directions and can't tell whether you're coming or going.

June 20, 2006
Cruise terminal car counts show strong regional pull.

June 16, 2006
Death tax not dead, only in a coma.

June 14, 2006
What do subscribers have to say about the Mobile Bay Times?

America's Junior Miss contestants to arrive here Monday.

June 13, 2006
Cochran to be sworn in as sheriff Friday.

Mobile: Likes, dislikes, assorted crotchets. Part 3 of 3.

June 12, 2006
Mobile: Likes, dislikes, assorted crotchets. Part 2 of 3.

June 11, 2006
Richardson to headline Oakleigh Sunday Reading Series.

June 9, 2006
Mobile: Likes, dislikes and occasional crotchets. Part 1 of 3.

June 7, 2006
The political experts get their grades. Good marks for the most part, with dunce caps to a couple.

June 6, 2006
Candidates set election parties for friends, supporters and volunteers to gather and watch the returns.

June 5, 2006
So who will emerge victorious in Tuesday's elections? Here's what the
'experts' say.

Callahan election night party set.

Bravery and Beauty Mint Julep Party Thursday at Oakleigh House Museum.

June 4, 2006
Church bulletin bloopers.

June 3, 2006
The latest financial reports for the candidates in Tuesday's GOP primary election for the Mobile County Board of School Commissioners, District 2 post: incumbent Judy Stout and former school board member John Holland.

In the GOP primary battle for the nomination to succeed retiring Circuit Judge Ferrill D. McRae, the latest financial disclosures by Duncan Crow (overview, contributions) and Robert Smith (overview, contributions).

In the GOP race for juvenile judge, incumbent Judge Pam Millsaps (overview, contributions) and challenger Jeff Glidewell (overview).

Mobile County State Senate 5-10 day pre-election financial disclosures:

District 34, Chris Pringle (overview, contributions); Connie Hudson (overview, contributions); Rusty Glover (overview, contributions); Todd Burkhalter (overview, contributions); Keith Graham (overview, contributions); and Shawn Williams (overview, contributions).

District 35 Republican primary: George Callahan (overview, contributions); Ben Brooks (overview, contributions).

House District 102 GOP primary: John C. Williams (overview, contributions); Chad Fincher (overview, contributions); Lonnie Parsons (overview, contributions); Ben George (overview, contributions).

House District 105 GOP primary: Spencer Collier (overview, contributions) and Henry Barnes (overview, contributions).

The latest financial reports in the Mobile County Board of School Commissioners' District 1 GOP primary to succeed Lonnie Parsons between Matthew Farnell and Ken Megginson.

Camp Rap-A-Hope to begin Sunday.

June 2, 2006
The latest financial reports from the contestants in the Republican Party primary for sheriff of Mobile County: Mark Barlow, Kyle Callaghan, Sam Cochran, Rick Daves and Bobby Hartmann.

In the Democratic primary, the reports from Matt Tew, Clint Ulmer, DaVon Grey, Billy Ray Stroups and Donald Lunceford.

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