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Mobile Bay
New food vendor to take over
at Mobile Regional Airport

Food service at the Mobile Regional Airport will change hands soon as The Hudson Group takes over for its oft-criticized predecessor, The Compass Group.

Based in East Rutherford, NJ, The Hudson Group will spend $1.5 million to upgrade facilities at the airport to accommodate a Quizno's Sub Shop and Chart Room Bar. Hudson already operates the airport's 1,515 square foot, news and gift shop. It won a competition earlier this year to replace Compass, a company based in the United Kingdom that sometimes closed operations while passengers were in the terminal.

The Quizno's and Chart Room are scheduled to open  Monday, July 10 out of temporary facilities while permanent units are under construction lasting about two months. The Quizno's, Chart Room and Hudson News will occupy about 1,830 square feet. Hudson has arranged for local companies to offer their specialties as well. Included among them are Carpe Diem, Mobile Popcorn and Tanner's Pecan and Candies.

In mid-September, a second phase of Hudson's plan will kick off in temporary quarters near the gate area beyond the security checkpoint. It will feature a Cruise City Bar and Grille and a Carpe Diem Cafe in about 1,430 square feet. Construction of permanent units will take about three months.

Mrs. Irmatean Watson, a former member of the Mobile City Council from 1985-93, is listed as a local entrepreneur with a 20 percent ownership of Hudson's program at the Mobile airport.

The concessions contract spans 15 years.

The Hudson Group runs shops at more than 60 airports
throughout North America. The company is privately held.