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At Table
Los Casadores

By M.B.T. Gastronome
I found myself in extreme west Mobile at afternoon rush time, hungry, and desiring Mexican food. Too much to take on the heavy traffic to make it to either Aztecas or Los Rancheros. So what are a hungry man and his equally hungry lovely dining companion to do? “Ah,” she says, “there is a Mexican restaurant. I’m starving. Let’s try that one.” And so we did.

Los Casadores is inconveniently located in the southeast quadrant of the very busy Schillinger Road/Airport Boulevard intersection. At this time, though, it was convenient for us to make a sharp right into the small parking lot, park on the incline, set the parking brake, and walk on in. The parking lot is unimpressive, although adequate, and the exterior of the building is … well ... obviously a Mexican restaurant. The interior is small, but neat and clean.

We were promptly escorted to a booth and quickly provided a standard bowl of chips and crock of salsa.  The chips were light, crunchy, not greasy, and quite tasty. We enjoyed them. The salsa, so I was told by my lovely dining companion, was good. I take her word for it because I don’t eat the red stuff. My standard dipping fare is chili con queso. Our order was taken with little delay and the food came out shortly thereafter.

Each of us ordered chicken enchiladas with salsa verde.  I do eat the green stuff. It doesn’t mess with my tongue like the standard red sauce. Sides which came with the order (#21) were rice and beans. This was a very good meal. The enchiladas were full of white chicken meat.  We really enjoyed them. The beans and rice were good also and had a pleasant “kick” to them. The unsweetened iced tea (served in a Leroy Hill glass) was somewhat bitter, but acceptable. All in all, it was a good meal, especially when the two of us emerged for only $22.07, tax and tip included. We will certainly return to Los Casadores.

I remember well when we moved to Mobile several years ago. Our Realtor was pointing out good places to eat and even took us to El Giro. We were under-impressed, but decided to give the place the benefit of the doubt and returned a couple of more times. We don’t go there anymore. We have tried other Mexican restaurants also and have settled on Aztecas and Los Rancheros (on Airport) as our favorites. Los Casadores now rounds out our Mexican favorites list.

(Editor's note: Our pseudonymous gourmand visits area dining establishments and reports on the experience. Wherever food is served, our peripatetic critic is likely to arrive with an appetite and depart with an opinion. He dines at his own expense; remains anonymous to all; reports only on those restaurants he frequents in the regular course of life, primarily reasonably priced places. However, he does splurge on occasion. Bon Appetit!)
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M.B.T. Gastronome
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