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Four score and seven clean
and articulate speeches ago

By Emmett Burnett
Listen to what Abraham Lincoln said:

Now here’s Barack Obama:

Unfortunately his latest spread is
government controlled healthcare.
Yesterday my physical wellness was
between me and a physician. But
today’s good health relies on the
Federal Government. That’s right,
the people who gave us Amtrak,
FEMA, and the Post Office, now
decide the fate of your gall

As I write this, the president is on television celebrating his victory, a "mandate” opposed by every congressional Republican, 34 congressional Democrats, and 50 to 70 percent of the American people. This  ‘will of the people’ is so good that states are filing law suits against it. The plan offers so much that the president and every member of congress is exempt from it.

But speaking before an enthusiastic teleprompter, Obama reassured us, “finally, everyone will have health insurance, regardless of abilities and life situation.”

Many of you put in a long day at work to pay for your insurance. Thank you for supporting the crack heads who don’t.

“This is a call to history,” added our leader. And it is: For the first time, the government controls one-sixth of the American economy. For the first time we are forced to purchase a private product or risk fine and/or imprisonment if we don’t.

Obama states proudly that the Health Care Reform Act will add new jobs. And it will. Fourteen thousand IRS agents will be hired to ensure you’re insured. Our hospitals will work hand in hand with the medical experts at the Internal Revenue Service. I feel better already.

Was there really a problem with our present health care? Not according to eighty percent of Americans polled who said they were satisfied. Is anyone denied medical treatment due to lack of insurance? Walk into any E.R. room and ask an overworked, overstressed nurse that question – when she’s done with you, you may need medical insurance.

If not health care, what’s this all about? Power.
Liberals own the mainstream media, our children’s education, Hollywood, Labor, the Climate Change hoax, and now – your health. Everyone will fight to the last breath for their ability to take a last breath. We will do whatever it takes to be well. Whatever it takes now involves the government – i.e. NBC News’ lord and savior, Barack Obama.

We have one more chance folks, the November congressional elections. It may be just what the doctor ordered.

(Burnett has been a freelance writer in Mobile for more than 20 years. For more information, visit his website.)
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So There ...
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