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Darby's Denver Diary

By Darby Luxenberg
On the flight from Atlanta to Denver, George Will, the nationally syndicated columnist, along with many members of the Georgia delegation, were aboard. Needless to say, it was a very entertaining flight. We arrived in Denver around 4 p.m. What a beautiful city. We proceeded to our hotel and checked in. After unpacking, Pat and I went back downstairs for a well-deserved refreshment break.

The open bar offered us a vantage point to see who was coming and going and, boy, did we. For several hours, we greeted old friends and made several new ones. By 9 p.m., I was pooped and made preparations for bed knowing tomorrow would start our rounds of events.

The day started with a glorious blue sky. Just right for a luncheon in the foothills at The Fort in Morrison, 45 minutes outside of Denver, with Lt. Gov. Jim Folsom.  This convention is off to a great start. I was driven there by two friends I reconnected with last night who joined me at the luncheon. We enjoyed prime rib of antelope, buffalo chops, grilled quail and more. The setting was gorgeous and the food was marvelous.

Back to the hotel for a brief respite, then on to the next event - a nosh - at a local deli with a DNC VP - really nice. Lots of chatting and chewing. I think I am in heaven!!!!  

To get to the deli, I rode a free shuttle part of the way and I planned to ride it back. Well, you know how things work out sometimes. Evidently, there was some kind of protest between my hotel and the shuttle and every other form of transportation except hoofing it - about 15 blocks worth. Let’s just say, I really got a good look at beautiful downtown Denver.   

After meeting Pat and some friends for re-hydration (remember we are a mile above sea level and must drink a lot of water) we regrouped and mapped out plans for the rest of the evening. We had been going in different directions all day. 

The Alabama Delegation Party was a fun event. The speakers were elevating and people from everywhere were there. U. S. Representative John Conyers spoke and he was amazing. He was especially memorable when he spoke to a group of children about forming 'Kids for Obama.'  

After leaving the Alabama event, Pat and I joined up and headed to a Friends of New Orleans event at the Fillmore Auditorium. We were treated to an All Star jambalaya of the Broadway Show “Brother Ray” about Ray Charles. WOW!! They plied us with po-boys, shrimp remoulade, red beans and rice, gumbo, cookies and bananas foster. Of course, there were liquid refreshments of all types. Music from the Crescent City played throughout the evening. It was truly a magical event. We headed back to the hotel where we looked forward to a restful night before another jam-packed first day of the actual Convention.

What will tomorrow bring? I can’t wait.