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Darby's Denver Diary

By Darby Luxenberg
Tuesday -- Late morning/early afternoon nothing scheduled.

People watching/visiting in hotel lobby. Re-connections made -- new friends met from all over America and the World. For a people person like me, this is a great way to spend a few hours.

How better to spend the rest of a beautiful afternoon than with 700 of your closest friends at an art museum? Even better if 150 of them are members of the diplomatic corps from all over the world who are here for the Convention and to top it off, to have Senator Tom Daschle, Robert Rubin, and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright address you on current affairs -- not a bad way to spend an afternoon as far as I am concerned.

Then off to the Pepsi Center. After getting over 20,000 of my friends cleared through security, we settled in to hear several speeches until the evenings main event, Hillary’s dramatic and Presidential presentation. No one in the building was disappointed, me included. It was inspiring and electrifying. None of the speeches have been disappointing. It’s amazing at the level of excellence.  This experience just keeps getting better and better.

Now if my feet would just stop hurting. 

Back to the hotel at last to get off my feet - but ... WOW ... what another great day.