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Denton's take on Tuesday's election

By Jeremiah Denton
Former U.S. Senator
The biggest issue confronting us Tuesday is the question of whether the USA is going to continue to permit the blithe discarding and eroding of our traditional founding values and behavioral patterns which brought us to greatness and are indispensable to maintaining
our continued success and survival as the greatest
nation in the history of the world. This issue
over-rides the terrorism, economic and social

From the time we managed with President
Reagan's leadership to succeed, by a narrow
margin, to not only successfully co-exist with
but to defeat the Communist Evil Empire, we
have increasingly begun to imitate the long
list of other failed nations throughout history
-- the list of those, who having become
powerful by adopting and holding to a
foundation of valid national values, honest
hard labor, and maintaining a sufficient
degree of national security, managed to
lose their power for a common reason. 

After attaining affluence, they became apathetic and individually self-indulgent. They gradually dropped adherence to their valid values, good work ethic, and sufficient commitments to national defense -- resulting in a tragic loss of power, wealth, and social well-being.

Under the new existing balance of power in the world, the U.S. is generally unaware of how suddenly and how thoroughly we could lose our prosperity and our very survival as a nation.

If the Democrats have their way on Tuesday, unawareness will be dispelled.

Our success in managing to retain power, prosperity and survival since President Johnson's time, has not been due to the use of the principles and policies of Democrats, but in spite of them.

Our most important national principle is our belief in God, our consequent founding emphasis on our conviction that our philosophy of government is based on our realization that it is SELF-EVIDENT that all men are created equal, endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The immense issue of this election is that the Republicans believe this and wish to sustain it as our philosophy of government. The modern day Democratic Party has made it manifestly clear, that they believe almost the opposite and have made great progress in perverting these valid and indispensable principles.

I pray that enough Americans will arrest the progress already have made with installing their version of a "progressive" Constitutional interpretation mainly originating in our court system over which the ACLU has exercised almost monopolistic power.

On other issues like Iraq, terrorism and the economy, the Democratic Party has amply demonstrated their inferiority, as well as in the over-riding issue.

Chip Drago
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