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Building Relationships
 a Movie

'The Big Wedding'

By Jim Hasser
Mobile Bay Times
One of the joys of being over 50 is that you get to have colonoscopies every so often. I’ve just had the pleasure of experiencing my second. There’s nothing to the colonoscopy; you’re knocked out for that. You don’t feel a thing. It’s the bowl prep that’s a bitch.

It’s actually gotten a little better, though, thanks to the creative efforts of a local gastroenterologist’s (Dr. Jack Dipalma) split treatment concoction. You take a little the night before and then again early the next morning, instead of drinking it all at once and sitting on the throne most of the night. I understand some doctors still follow that method, but not Dr. Jack, thank goodness. Anyway, it’s over and I felt like sharing the recipe for what I had for dinner the night before and breakfast the next morning…. 

For dinner the night before, at 6 p.m. after eating nothing but breakfast and clear liquids all day, empty one 6 oz. bottle of delicious ColonBlow into the provided 16 oz cup and add fresh sparkling water up to the 16 oz mark. Drink heartily. Follow up with two 16 oz cups of clear water within the next hour. Prepare to hold court. It takes about an hour to kick in and an hour and a half to kick out.

For breakfast, at 6 a.m. the next morning, rinse and repeat. 

In hindsight (all pun intended), it really wasn’t bad this time. Butt, all kidding aside, folks, if you’re 50 or over, get a colonoscopy. It could save your life. If there’s a problem and they catch it early, you can be cured. Yes, I said it, “cured!'

2 thumbs down for the prep. 2 thumbs up for the colonoscopy!

The Big Wedding
This lighthearted movie was jammed packed with stars and disappointingly thin on plot. The set up was interesting and complicated enough to catch our attention and get us to order it. An adopted young man, Topher Grace, about to get married, convinces his divorced parents, Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton to pretend they’re still married in order to appease his future mother-in-law. De Niro’s girlfriend and ex-wife’s best friend, Katherine Heigl, goes along with it. And so, with this premise in place, the movie takes off on a zany trip that goes anywhere and everywhere but somewhere. 

It was directed by Justin Zackham, who hasn’t directed a lot of movies, much less anything we’ve heard of or seen. That may have been the problem, but we can’t be quite sure. 

The acting was actually better than the plot, though. It also stars Amanda Seyfried, Grace, Ben BarnesSusan Sarandon, and Robin Williams. Williams surprisingly has a very small role as the family priest and was never really let loose. But who knows whether letting him cut loose would have helped or hurt. 

We’ve seen other movies packed with superstar actors before and for some reason they turned out to be duds. It’s a lesson to be learned. Just because there’s a bunch of stars in the movie, it doesn’t necessarily make it good. You can’t hide a weak story with great actors or acting. Sometimes you have to wonder if the folks that produce these kind of movies with this kind of an ensemble aren’t just doing it to get together with their friends and party. It’s got to be expensive! 

If you’ve got jelly brain from a tough week and are in the mood for an extremely light hearted romantic comedy that doesn’t tax you, this is your movie. Otherwise, you might want to pass. We give it one thumb up.

(Editor's note: Jim and Carolyn Hasser's Dinner & a Movie is a brand new feature in Mobile Bay Times. Jim is an attorney in Mobile and Carolyn is a Realtor with Roberts Brothers.
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