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                          a Movie

Turkey Burger with Asian Mayo Sauce and 
"Mr. Holmes"

Turkey Burger

One 4-6 oz. turkey patty mixed with ¼ teaspoons of green onions, cilantro, ginger, curry powder, ground cumin and soy sauce. Bake or grill until the degree you enjoy your burgers done. 

To make the Asian mayo sauce mix 1 Tbsp Kraft fat-free Miracle Whip, ¼ tsp lime juice and ¼ tsp Taste of Asia Asian garlic chili sauce in a small bowl. 

Serve Turkey burger with Asian mayo sauce only if you are on a diet. If you aren’t, serve on Rye (or whatever bread or bun you like) with cheese (or veggie slices), baked beans and chips or sweet potato fries. 

Burger was a little bland, so the next time I’m going to add salt, Worcestershire and Emeril’s. We give the burger a 1 thumb up! However, the sauce gets a 2 thumbs up! 

'Mr. Holmes'

Ninety three year old Sherlock Holmes finds a nice cottage in the English countryside to ride out the rest of his retirement days. He strikes up a friendship with the landlord’s son, teaching him the art of bee handling and making honey. But when the young man mysteriously dies, seemingly from a bee attack, Holmes is forced to tackle his final mystery and overcome his waning skills and the onset of dementia.

The movie stars Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Milo Parker, David Foxxe, Nicholas Rowe, Hattie Morahan, Roger Allam, Frances Barber, Frances de la Tour, Eileen Davies, Patrick Kennedy, Hiroyuki Sanada, Kit Connor, Sarah Crowden, Michael Culkin, John Sessions, and Philip Davis, all of whom do wonderful acting jobs. It was masterfully directed by Bill Condon.

This well-crafted mystery deserves to be included in the Sherlock Holmes series. Everything about it is entertaining and educational. Two thumbs up!

(Editor's note: Jim and Carolyn Hasser's Dinner & a Movie is a regular feature in Mobile Bay Times. Jim is an attorney in Mobile and Carolyn is a Realtor with Roberts Brothers.)
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