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The Dog Days of Summer

With Spencer -- midtown Mobile's forsaken, fence-post-like-an-albatross dragging pit bull off to more charitable climes in Utah -- the community now enters the more peaceful Dog Days of Summer.

Not all animals find Mobile to be so hard, uncaring and exploitative.

MBT called on a number of area officials past, present and/or would-be to 'put a pet with a person' and expunge the city's image for animal cruelty.

"Scarlett and Rhett are brindle Boxers, brother and sister from different litters. Scarlett is 8 and Rhett is 7.
Scarlett is on the couch while Rhett is below her on the floor. 

My husband
and I got
Scarlett for
our second
Rhett came
along less
than a year
later to be a
playmate for
Scarlett is
full of energy.
She is the
"guard dog"
and  she loves to play catch with tennis balls, Frisbees or any other toy that she can chase, and is constantly trying to get Rhett to play with her.  Rhett, is very laid back, prefers lying around on his blanket in the air conditioning to chasing balls, but will occasionally provide a bark or two in support of his sister's efforts."
-- Gina Gregory, Mobile city councilwoman

"We have two female dogs; both are seniors, both are spoiled and overweight. It's all my
husband's fault, he
feeds them too many treats
and from the table.
The Shih Tzu is Oreo
because she is chocolate
on the ends and white in the
middle and the Peekapoo is
Tara because that was her
name when I adopted her last
November. She belonged to
an elderly friend who passed
away and at the wake no one
wanted to take her. I am a
sucker for a cute dog. Photo attached. It's hard to get them in one frame. They don't exactly like each other.
-- Jane (Quackenbush Baxter) Conkin, former city councilwoman

"Our cat is named Bama … he is 3 years
old  …. a tabby…
he is
a very good family
pet and is very funny ….
he drinks
water out of an Alabama

-- Judson Wells, district judge

"My family has two Shih Tzus named Chin and Gizmo. They are father and son. Chin is three and we got him through Dr. Ben George, who recommended Shih Tzus to us as a good breed for children. Gizmo is one. They are both very good with our children. As you can imagine, Chin, the father is very laid back and obedient. Gizmo, the son, is a little more rambunctious and not quite as obedient.
Sorry, no pictures.
-- Spencer Collier, state legislator

The yellow dog:
Name:  Penni (female)
Breed:  Part yellow lab, part mutt
Age:  about 9 years old
Characteristics:  Since the passing of
Walt (our first dog), she has become
the matriarch of the house,
especially of our other dog,
Penni enjoys long swims in the
water and exploring the woods.
She also likes to accompany
family members when they run or ride bikes.

The black and grey hound dog:
Name: Ellie-Mae (female)
Breed: 3/4 Blue Tick Hound,
1/4 Basset Hound
Age:  Little over 1 year old
Characteristics:  Her bark is
definitely worse than her bite. She
loves to bark, but if even a tiny little
dog runs up to her, she'll run away.
She loves attention. Her tail also
wags in circles.

The old, grey, small dog:
Name: Walt (short for "Walterina") (female)
Breed: Complete mutt, maybe has some "wire-haired fox-tailed" terrier
Age: Lived for 15-17 years, passed away about 2 years ago
Characteristics: She loved everyone, never licked anyone, never jumped on anyone. She was the Brooks family's first dog and lived a long, happy life. She was protective of our yard and of our family, but was never mean to strangers.
-- Ben Brooks, city councilman, state Senate district 35 candidate

I have 18 cats, mixed breeds, all “rescues” and dearly loved at our household. I’ll bet you don’t want that many photos!
-- Vivian Beckerle, Democratic nominee for Congress

Boston Terrier age 4 named Otty. All he wants is to be loved and scratched.
-- Chris Pringle, runner-up, state Senate district 34

Emma, a six-month-old Havanese.
Sweet and loving lap dog.
Has springs for feet especially
if there is food
on the kitchen counter!

-- Karen Outlaw Atchison, board member, Mobile Convention and Visitors Bureau

Well, if you really are interested, I have a pedigreed Burmese female cat in the classic Sable coloring, which is Chocolate Brown with very faint darker points like Siamese have.
All Burmese are descended from Wong Mau, a female found in Burma in 1930 by Dr. Joseph
G. Thompson and
brought to San
Francisco and bred
with Siamese males.
I don't care that she is
purebred, nor does she,
but I always wanted a
Burmese because they
have legendary good
qualities of affection,
heartiness, intelligence,
longevity and
qualities that have
earned them the name
the "dog cat" meaning they give you some of the attention that dogs will give where a cat may not. I'll always have a Burmese after this one.
Her name is Shan, a name I chose for its sibilance (which I think cats pick up on) and that it is one of the indigenous peoples of Burma (along with the Karens and the Katchedins). She is 12 years old, having been born in Live Oak Island, FL. on Feb 4, 1994, and should last til she is twenty or so, God willing. She comes and goes through her own door, and like most Burmese, she is very active outdoors, but in a rather small territory, which is another thing to recommend Burmese to city dwellers. Attached is a picture that I am rather proud of.
-- Mead Miller, restaurateur/city council candidate

We had a black lab for 13 years. In June ' 03, she died suddenly. My daughters still haven't recovered from it. We have since removed the fence in the back yard. So we are not able to have another dog.
-- Rusty Glover, state legislator, state Senator-elect, District 34

Samson, Maine Coon, 8, gentle giant.

-- Champ Lyons, Jr.

Tara and Oreo
Scarlett (on couch) and Rhett