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Pat's Denver Diary

By Pat Edington
Monday in Denver was filled with well-planned activities.  The Alabama Delegates and friends enjoyed a variety of events. 

The day started at 7 a.m., with a breakfast meeting that included an address to the Alabama group by North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler

A noon luncheon sponsored by Congressman Artur Davis was followed by an afternoon tailgate party. Because credentials for the guests of the Delegates are very hard to obtain, the Alabama Party has a downtown headquarters that they have named “Sweet Home AlObama” where the members can socialize and talk about the issues and events of the convention.

When I am not at an event, I spend most of my time trying to secure credentials for Alabamians who are not Delegates. The credential process has been greatly improved, but there are still serious problems for some.  However, everyone was taken care of after a series of calls on the Credentials Committee.

I was fortunate to be invited to a luncheon with Hillary Clinton on both Tuesday and Wednesday. At both events, she expressed her total support for Barack Obama. She did admit to several of us yesterday that it had been an emotional week.

However, her supporters and close friends attending these events all expressed to each other that they were disappointed about the outcome of the election, but like Hillary, they plan to work hard for the party nominee.

On Tuesday and Thursday, the women at the Convention were invited to a two-hour caucus meeting where they heard speeches by Michele Obama, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a number of women in Congress.

On Thursday, an old friend invited my daughter and me to a tea honoring Hillary Clinton, which was a really wonderful event.

Tonight we will attend the final session in the stadium and are fortunate enough to have sky box seats.