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Open letter to media and others about juco leaders' credentials

By Angela Goudreault
Dear Media and all concerned:

The following is my belief and understanding of the information that I have researched.

I do realize that with all of the cut backs due to the economy that some if not all media sources are having to cut back as well. I am not trying to discredit all of your hard work. I believe that all of you are doing a great job. I believe that it must be very difficult and costly to investigate and cover the news, issues and concerns of the people.

Listed below are some links that may offer some assistance with verifying the Accredited Doctoral Degrees/ Doctoral Diploma Mill Degrees. There are also links providing information about Alabama Community Colleges and a link for the 2010-2011 pay schedule.

Please investigate the information on whether or not the information that I have sent to you is correct or not true.

American-Reporter Daily

Dumb in Alabama: College presidents
hold diploma mill degrees
by Richard Hardin
AR Correspondent
Mobile, Ala.

As a mother of a student the accreditation's of a College is just as important as the integrity of a college. The President, Dean and instructors actions also reflect the status of a College.

I know that Bishop State and the Bryant Center has some very great programs involving high school students. I do know that there are some very good instructors teaching at Bishop State and the Bryant Center. My son has attended some of their classes.

I would be very disappointed and heartbroken to have to tell my teenage son that due to neglect and/or oversight of others (adults) that his and my choice of college and career may be looked down on. These oversights may give cause for any blemishes to be cast down on and hurt or discredit some of the State of Alabama's Community Colleges.

(It would be a shame if) ... all of the accomplishments, hard work and sacrifices that he and all of the other students have done will all be for nothing; ... (if) the possible neglect of the State of Alabama's Community Colleges payment system might possibly be getting abused by way of unaccredited doctoral degrees given by Diploma Mills.

I believe, if I read it correctly, an annual base salary dependent upon job title plus $2,000 per Doctoral degree is given for each annually. The following link is for the 2010-2011 pay schedule for Alabama's Community Colleges.

(Former two-year college superintendent Bradley) Byrne may have done a lot to clean up the future of the State of Alabama's Community Colleges and the Diploma Mill issues in 2008. After reading this article and others concerning our State and other State Community Colleges, I don't believe that he or anyone else in the proper positions have invested and or given the proper diligence to our present or our past Community College employment positions.

If the information that I found and have provided and sent to all of you is true, could or would this not be considered "theft by deception?"

Could this be an issue where the State of Alabama Ethics Committee should be contacted and the issues resolved? If I am not misinformed, all of the Colleges are receiving public money and are possibly making a personal gain by taking advantage of the lack of due diligence within our educational system.

Now I am beginning to understand why our children's tuition is so high and the government and private loans cannot be paid back. According to the pay schedule document above that I read, the upper administrative members of the Colleges get percentage raises according to attendance level. These raises have to be paid by someone. Due to fact that the public money is derived from taxes provided by hard working tax payers, it does appear that the parents and the taxpayers are being scammed by the very people that we trust with our young adults (your children and my child) and their post-secondary education. Correct?

I am a concerned mother of an 11th grade high school student who has been attending college and high school classes continuously since the 9th grade including summer time. Our son has finish his High School classes and started his College classes the next day. The day that he registered for 10th grade High School we had to wait until he finished his College classes at the Bishop State College South West Campus. He completed his College classes that morning and we registered him for 10th grade that afternoon. This summer he attended welding class 7-11:30 a.m., then went to work from 12 noon-4 p.m. This, thanks to the programs offered through the Bryant Center and the Bishop State Community College Technical Dual Enrollment Program. I am very proud of our son but that is not the reason for giving you that information. I wanted to let you know how much time, effort and sacrifices our teenage son has but forth for his education. Can or will someone or all of you check on the information that I have provided for you?

As parents I believe that we do not owe our child a cell phone, means of travel other than the family means of travel. All of which are used as a tool of distractions from education, real life and in some cases sadly death. However we do owe all of our children loving and caring home. We need to teach our child to give and earn respect for others and themselves. We must demand that each and everyone of them be given the best possible and true education available. If we are able to accomplish that as a parent, then our young adults (children) should be able to buy their own cell phone, means of transportation and accomplish all of THEIR dreams for THEIR future.

Thank you for your time.

Concerned Mother,

Please examine the following links:

Council for Higher Education Accreditation. CHEA.

Colleges and universities not accredited by CHEA.

Diploma Mills: Degrees of Deception.

Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs.

Accredited and non-accredited colleges and universities.

Testimony Before the Committee on Governmental Affairs, U.S. Senate on diploma mills.

Degree Mill Grads Run the Show at Alabama State College

Diploma mills and accreditation.

Unaccredited colleges.

Code of Alabama - Title 16: Education.

350 Dauphin St.
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