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Letters to the Editor

Dear MBT,

For the most part, you presented both sides of the issue. However, there should not be two sides to this story.

For me and others on the MCDEC, it is a simple matter.

The State Party, at a VERY late date in the election process, decides to send $8,500 (we are not talking chump change here or coffee money) to a local committee without directly speaking to the Chairman. This in no way reflects on the Chairman’s naiveté but rather on the ignorance or just plain poor business sense of the State Party and those who deposited the check, wrote the check to the intended group, and those who used the money.

The ultimate decision on spending money and, yes, agreeing to “pass through money” should rely with the members of the MCDEC and not with the officers, nor the State Party officers.

Perhaps the “assumption” was made by those directly  involved that members of the MCDEC would go along with this process. One officer resigned over this issue and that  is a clear indication that this was not above board and not the right thing to do.

We, as a committee, vote and approve money spent for almost everything we do except items such as stamps, etc. The smallest amounts are approved by the members for fundraisers, operating expenses, purchases, etc.

Why would we not be allowed to approve this amount or at least be notified of what the State wanted to do and why they wanted to do it this way?

To say it was so late in the election and that there was no time to bring before the committee is not an acceptable excuse in the world of the telephone and email addresses etc.

This should NEVER have happened and should NEVER happen again.

Everyone involved directly should know that, including the Treasurer who wrote the check, the check recipient and the members of the State Party who were involved and they should not be surprised at the questions and innuendo raised by the handling of these funds and the request for accountability by the members of the MCDEC.

-- Dianne Jones,
MCDEC member
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