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Letters to the Editor

Dear MBT,

I wanted to respond to some of the items in the article, (An outrage or politics as usual? 'Pass through' donation disturbs some local Democratic leaders, others say 'ho-hum.'; published March 14, 2009.)

I have contacted 10 other Alabama county chairpersons and have yet to find one where "pass through" money happened unbeknownst to the Chair and entire body.  The assertion of my political naivete is unfounded.

To put forth that the $8,500 is a small amount is very true when compared to all of the money spent in the 2008 campaign, but $8,500 represents over 25% of our budget for that campaign season. I believe that makes it a significant number.

A 5% growth in Democratic totals in Mobile County was anemic at best. This was a year that featured an extremely unpopular Republican administration and a complete unwinding of our financial system. Our candidate was the "change" candidate at a time when folks were desperate for governmental policy departures.  We lost every single race in this county. I can point to a number of counties, with similar demographics to Mobile, where Democratic candidates fared much better. I find nothing to crow about with 5% growth when our base was energized to go to the polls.

I learned a tremendous amount this campaign season and understand that we must fundamentally change the way we deliver our message in Alabama. The Obama campaign was brilliant in its strategy and deliverance. It should be our model for the path forward. I believe Alabama is a Democratic Populist State. We must change the old way of politics to reflect what the average Alabamian is going through.

Finally, I want it clearly understood. This is not a battle between Janetta Whitt-Mitchell and myself. I have done my job of making the MCDEC aware of potential issues or problems. It is in the Committee's hands to act, or not act, upon the information.
-- Brad Warren,
chairman, Mobile County Democratic Executive Committee
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