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April 30, 2005
Chris Galanos: Fiery ex-DA and former judge's
up and down political career may not be over.
He plans to search his soul and ponder a return
to public office.

April 29, 2005
New weapons OKed in 'skeeter' wars.

Scientists spot 'smoking gun' in global warming.

CIA World Factbook 2005 now available.

April 28, 2005
Who's Afraid of John Bolton? The agendas behind the smears. Peggy Noonan on the beltway bullfight over Bolton.

A new 'common sense' way to look at school reform. Report says school choice movement continues to grow.

Feds move to usurp state's role in LNG siting. FERC chairman welcomes authority. California congresswoman criticizes Bush's end run.

April 27, 2005
Mobile to host summit on Cuban policy and trade. Enzi working to end U.S. Cuba travel restrictions. California congressman praises efforts to end Cuba trade embargo.

What's wrong with the state Legislature in Alabama? A former legislator counts the ways.

April 26, 2005
Feds to review injury to domestic shrimp industry from Indian, Thai imports.

Crippled by their Culture: Race doesn't hold back America's 'black rednecks.' Nor does racism.

Alabama to get extra $500,000 in supplemental hurricane relief.

Bush vs. Kerry II: Battle over Bolton.

The 6.2 % solution to the crisis over Social Security. The 'cynical idealism' behind Social Security.

April 25, 2005
The Anti-Doomsday Machine: Government scientists match wits with terrorists.

HUD orders Newark Housing Authority to repay $6.4 million in misspent funds.

April 22, 2005
Jeff Foxworthy: The redneck way to riches.

Corncobs the answer to soaring gas prices?

April 21, 2005
The golden age for hunting around Mobile is "right now," according to Tom Kelly, a former Scott Paper Co. forester and acclaimed outdoors writer. 

Public school accountability gets an 'F,' says Cato Institute.

April 20, 2005
American Bureau of Shipping: Fleet reaches new record; 12th straight year of fleet growth.

Government spending is contributing to college price inflation, economist tells Congress.

Sea level more variable than previously thought.

April 19, 2005
Delay in digital TV rollout a bid to unload analog TVs?

Lawnchair cavalry slows illegal immigration in the Southwest.

April 18, 2005
High fuel prices having little impact on RV summer travel plans.

April 16, 2005
A political potpourri or cleaning out the notebook. A vacancy on the school board, but none on the Holiday.

April 15, 2005
Washington Post tells Bush U.N. nominee to straighten his tie, quit slouching and get a damn haircut. And, lest you forget, the Post doesn't kid around.

Lots of folks talk about the weather, Santorum does something about it.

April 14, 2005
John Peavy mayoral campaign taking shape.

State Government in South Carolina: A Look in the Mirror?

Affirmative Action: Widening the gap, not leveling the playing field?

Federal appeals court upholds law barring felons from voting.

April 13, 2005
If Indiana Jones were an economist, he'd be Steven Levitt. Meet the economist who figured out that legal abortion was behind dropping crime rates.

What Counts: Defining and improving graduation rates.

Ye Olde Boob Job: An illustrated history of the breast implant, 1858 to present.

Like two ancient storm gods using nature's weaponry to wage war, this pair of ultra-massive stars has sent their fierce stellar winds smashing together across a region the size of our solar system.

April 11, 2005
Mayoral candidate Bess Rich has pledged to reside in downtown Mobile if she wins election later this year.

Legal defense fund organized for School Board President David L. Thomas.

April 9, 2005
City Councilman Ben Brooks will kick off his District 4 re-election campaign Sunday, April 10 with at least four former District 4 candidates among the hosts of the event.

April 8, 2005
Baldwin County's 'he-coon' won't be DA forever.

Sessions, FBI director draw librarians' fire over Patriot Act.

April 7, 2005
Loophole in "Clear Skies" bill lets nearly 40% of nation's power plants escape mercury reductions. Two senators offer bill to cut emissions. Another senator denies loophole claim.

April 6, 2005
3 Days before 2004 Election, Voters Were in the Dark about 85% of Contributions to U.S. Senate Candidates Since July.

April 5, 2005
Walsh saga in Mobile, Part 6: The Conclusion.

State and federal motor fuel taxes account for more than one quarter of the pump price of gasoline. Plus a state-by-state index.

April 4, 2005
Bush Democrats: A detailed look at last year's voting suggests big Republican opportunities.

March 31, 2005
Bedsole mayoral campaign schedules fundraiser.

Walsh saga in Mobile, Part 5: A Yellow
Fever Scare.

March 30, 2005

Hurricanes provide lessons for agency disaster planning.

March 29, 2005

French guy gives Alabama a qualified thumbs up.

March 28, 2005
30 groups call on Treasury Department to drop rule that inhibits trade with Cuba.

March 25, 2005
City Council races budding.

March 24, 2005
Hate up 25 percent.

March 23, 2005
What's next in the wormy world's assault on technology? Cell-phone viruses.

March 22, 2005
Hurricane catastrophe fund changes crucial to property insurance market stability.

March 21, 2005
Fairhope lawyer calls for Dixey Bar to get its legal due.

March 20, 2005
A series entitled "The Rock Whence I Was Hewn," a memoir by Sister Marie Emilie, S.N.D. (Elizabeth Zoe Walsh), 1892-1979. Her memoir details the life and times of the Walshes and their hometown, Mobile. Part 4.

March 19, 2005
Mobile's Golden Age: #7 - Radio and live music.
March 18, 2005
Cruise lines ride wave of unprecedented growth.

Rental market, condos still strong.

A series entitled "The Rock Whence I Was Hewn," a memoir by Sister Marie Emilie, S.N.D. (Elizabeth Zoe Walsh), 1892-1979. Her memoir details the life and times of the Walshes and their hometown, Mobile. Part 3.

March 17, 2005
World oil market and oil price chronologies, 1970-2004.

Ask Ed: 'interpersonal communication skills' advice.

March 16, 2005
Political trick smells fishy.

BT responds to Jay Garner's comments.

Jay Garner: A Coda to a Conversation.

A Conversation -- Brookley Field: The Treasure in our Attic?

Journalists call for federal shield law to protect news source confidentiality.

Chemistry Council says coal can ease U.S. through natural gas crisis.

Unfunded mandates drain county coffers.

Hitchens: Carrying the baton for Orwell in the eternal political
war of words.

Rich in the running.

Give Shelby credit: #2 and trying harder.

Freedom's Labors: Lane Kirkland worked for more than his union.

Tough love for the U.N.: Moynihan, Kirkpatrick and now John Bolton.

Set America free from OPEC racketeers' cartel.

The saga of the Walshes in Mobile continues. Part 2.

Low income families are moving to better neighborhoods with help from the Chicago's Housing Mobility Program.

Lions to roast Dow; other local political items.

Loser frustrated, attempts armed robbery, learns he has no aptitude there either.

Mobile Register editorial writer Quin Hillyer defends Bill Pryor in the Wall Street Journal.

Local governments want their Community Development Block Grants. Counties and Cities.

Second home market surges.

Mobile's Golden Age, 6th in a series.

A series entitled "The Rock Whence I Was Hewn," a memoir by Sister Marie Emilie, S.N.D. (Elizabeth Zoe Walsh), 1892-1979. Her memoir details the life and times of the Walshes and their hometown, Mobile.
Part 1.

Alabama ranks high in all categories of Social Security benefits.

Social Security fact sheet for Alabama.

Hunter S. Thompson's wild and savage ride brought him to Mobile where he hunkered down to write one of his books.

Cato Institute proposes simple income tax system that would have most Americans paying just 15 percent.

Presidential straw poll shows no clear GOP frontrunner in 2008.

Preparing all high school students for college and work: What
high-performing schools are teaching.

President Hillary? Believe it.

Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce backs proposed 25-year transportation plan.

Could Watergate be uncovered in 2005? Columnist Richard Reeves says 'no.'

Mobile's Golden Age, Fifth in a series.

Tom Wolfe on Hunter S. Thompson: As Gonzo in life as in his work.

Common Cause says state electoral districts should not be drawn by incumbents.

Are bloggers journalists? A fascinating discussion on the question in a federal appeals court ruling.

Letter from Commissioners Mike Dean, Stephen Nodine to Commissioner Sam Jones over courthouse security snafu.

Mobile's Golden Age, Fourth in a series.

The ins and outs of the race for mayor of Mobile.

Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz, owner of San Francisco's daily tabloid newspaper, likes the name Examiner so much he has filed applications to trademark general circulation newspapers with the name in nearly 70 U.S. cities.

They're back. Church bulletin bloopers.

Mobile's Golden Age, third in a series.

Winston Churchill, Cigar and All: A new London museum honors the great wartime leader.

The price of liberty in Iraq? Ten years vigilance. To withdraw now would be folly, says Niall Ferguson.

The Mobile Bay Times invites its readers to participate in a new feature, E-vent. Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts on the passing scene. Please submit them by e-mail and look for them weekly in E-vent.

Stan the (new) Man: The newest member of Fairhope’s City Council may well be overqualified for the job. A 30-year veteran of the FBI, Dan Stankoski seems to have done it all.

A mother shares her thoughts on the Kerry/Bush battle and the wedding plans of a granddaughter in a series of e-mails with her son during the months before and just after November's election. 

Our clever engineers and the Art of Energy: The future will not be painted in oil.

Mobile's Golden Age, Mother of Mystics, Second in a series.

Campaign finance: Mike Dow draws a blank; John Peavy draws a bead.

Blogs: Fad or Future? The danger of hyping a good thing.

Mobile's Golden Age: When was it? We asked a number of Mobilians and got a variety of interesting responses. Number One in a series.

A conversation about the Mobile Convention Center: salvation or snake eyes?

Local museum official recounts his battle with "neo-Confederate activists," pleased that efforts to punish or silence him failed.

Sullivan's Travails: Tennis Anyone? Councilman Thomas Sullivan and his colleagues speak out on "discretionary" spending of city tax dollars.

Our Blindness: We have ample forewarning. But will we ever act? Mark Helprin takes a sober and sobering look at the future.

In St. Louis, a Juror's Patience Is Tried.

How much does a public school education cost? Report brings transparencyto education finance.

Maine lawmakers look at insurance to plug budget gap in police and firefighter pension funds.

Small Talk: A visit with Daphne's new mayor. And we welcome a new byline to the Mobile Bay Times, Mary Beth Mantiply.

The Republican Moment: Will the GOP, at last, have the courage to change the face of government?

Local high tech firm sold for $38.7 million.

Marjorie Williams (1958-2005): Washington's most dangerous profiler.

There is no "historical rationale" to suggest racial unrest in this summer's city elections, regardless of the outcome, according to City Councilman Fred Richardson.

A political conversation: our Brilliant Surrender.

Most Americans devour shrimp without knowing where their favorite seafood comes from.

Report: Endangered By Sprawl: How Run-Away Development Threatens America's Wildlife.

Wisconsin senator visits Alabama, golfs, sees red, is humbled by our sacrifice.

While meeting in Mobile just before Christmas, Gov. Bob Riley and state retirement systems chief David Bronner encouraged Mayor
Mike Dow to consider running for a fifth term next summer.

A new Delta dawn for Mobile air travelers? We checked in with Mobile Regional Airport marketing director Marc Pelham.

Armand DeKeyser leaves U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions' staff for a lobbyist's life.

Blasts from the Past: Ex-city council members deride the proposed pay raise for the City Council.

Ann Bedsole views the upcoming mayor's race, hopes that Dow will run for re-election.

Does Mobile have "an establishment?"

Another conversation: schemes, carelessness, unanticipated arrivals, anquished departures.

City Council President Reggie Copeland to seek sixth term, firefighter mulling challenge.

A Christmas present of a Mobilian's past: One Life In A Bygone Mobile.

A political conversation anticipates "interesting" times.

A 'forceful' Nodine leaves leaders cold.

Dow era at City Hall coming to an end. Politically explosive battle for mayor looms between John Peavy and Sam Jones. And perhaps
City Councilman Ben Brooks and others unknown?

Peavy's strategic retreat puts him in front of city's strategic initiative.

The Land of the $800 Haircut.

Democratic Party salvation can be found in the voice of Howard Dean. Arrrrrrrgggghhhh!!!!

The Teacher's Burden: Lawyers & Bureaucrats.

Should good looks be taxed?

Baldwin County farm subsidies detailed.

A battle may be brewing over an appointment to the University of Alabama Board of Trustees.

Line for governor forms to the rear.

Come clean, Kofi, UN Scammer-in-Chief.

Online database shows that 90,000 Americans are owed $73 million in federal tax refunds. Are you one of them?

Will the North secede from the Union?

The time Ray Jenkins got the governor's goat.

Agreement reached on air conditioner efficiency, eliminating need for 25 new power plants.

Barton Academy going to school in Mobile's commercial real estate market.

A Southern Democrat speaks on the meaning of Tuesday's election results. U.S. Sen. Zell Miller, D-Ga., in the Atlanta Constitution. 

Collins jumps to big fundraising lead over Peavy in special City Council 7 race.

Taxpayers getting an education. See editorial in The Fray.

Contraceptive counts by state and congressional district.

Gov. Bob Riley appointed Mobile City Councilman Stephen D. Nodine to the Mobile County Commission, District 2 seat Thursday. The move fills one vacancy and creates another. A special election will likely be called to fill the opening on the Mobile City Council, District 7 seat.

Andrew Sullivan on Fahrenheit 9/11: Raspberries for Moore's screed and the critical faculties and journalistic ethics of some bigfoot columnists.

Details of the final filing of campaign financial reports before Tuesday's runoff elections for GOP nominations to open seats on the Mobile County School Board and Mobile County Commission.

Healing Iraq: An Iraqi dentist provides some  insight into the situation in Iraq that is not readily found in the pages of U.S. newspapers. 

An A-list of political heavyweights lined up to host a fundraiser for Democratic incumbent District Attorney John Tyson. Check it out in
our Politics & News section along with news on the postponement of potential Democratic veep candidate John Edwards' arrival in Mobile;
an update on the infamous Waffle House slur, Did he or didn't he?; and authorities decide when it comes to the RSA Tower in downtown Mobile, Size isn't everything.

The latest news and analysis of the Mobile County Commission, District 2 Republican runoff between Stephen Nodine and Ralph Buffkin.

That Ronald Reagan smile. Mrs. Joan Rolison tells her Ronald Reagan story.

MBT sought the views of retired Adm. Jeremiah Denton, a former U.S. Senator and prisoner of war in North Vietnam, on developments in Iraq.

Austin L. Rainwaters endorses Mobile City Councilman Stephen Nodine in the Mobile County Commission, District 2 runoff election
June 29. The limited government conservative polled 28 percent of the vote in the June 1 primary to finish third behind Nodine (40 percent) and retired businessman Ralph Buffkin (32 percent).

And the rain came down on election day: an analysis of the campaign.

You might be a redneck if ...

With the primary election just days away, candidates for Mobile County Commission and the board of school commissioners of Mobile
County filed the last required disclosure of their campaigns for financial activities.

The 2004 presidential election is shaping up to be the most expensive in the history of the U.S. A number of Mobilians are doing their part to
make it so.

Not everyone loves those traffic barriers, lumps and bumps, islands and circles. Bowling Green says 'no mas'.

Montogmery attorney Robert D. Segall pleads his case to become the alpha dog of the Alabama Bar Association.

Mobile ranks last in Alabama and 118th out of 150 cities in Forbes magazine's annual survey of the nation's best metropolitan areas for business.

What 1977 hit by Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys failed to win the approval of women's libbers of the era? For answer see Fun & Games.

Where do the candidates in this year's Mobile County Commission elections stand on proposed liquified natural gas (LNG) plants onshore and/or offshore in south Mobile County?

Mark Helprin assesses the war in Iraq in the pages of the Wall Street Journal.

The local bar eyes the bench, a mayor endorses Burdine in County Commission, Place 3 race; old Press Register building getting a new tenant? - Read about it here. 

Part 7 in our series - Vita Sua in a Bygone Mobile - is now up In People and Places.

Check out our new feature "Ask Ed" on the Fun & Games page.
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