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Millsaps seeks re-election to juvenile judgeship

Circuit Court Judge Pamela Millsaps has qualified to run in the Republican primary for re-election to the Mobile County juvenile judgeship.

Mrs. Millsaps was appointed by Gov. Bob Riley in 2003 and was elected to the position in November 2004 with 58 percent of the vote to defeat the Democratic nominee Jeff Glidewell. Glidewell is again seeking the judgeship, but this time as a Republican. Mobile attorney Chip Herrington is running for the juvenile judgeship as a Democrat.

Since assuming the bench, Millsaps said she has concentrated on preventing children from becoming part of the juvenile justice system by working with parents, churches, schools, and law enforcement.  Millsaps has also instituted faith-based community service and the County's first Juvenile Drug Court Program, according to a statement annoucing her re-election plans.

"Our proactive approach to preventing delinquency has been successful," Mrs. Millsaps said. "There were significantly fewer petitions in 2005 than in 2004. If we can prevent even one child from being delinquent and a part of the system, then I believe our hard work has been rewarded. I would much prefer a child be active in church and school than being on the streets or in a juvenile delinquent facility."

The judge said she has also worked to bring
the Juvenile Court and Strickland Youth
Center into compliance with state and federal
guidelines, and she has instituted changes to
operate the Court in the face of reduced state
and county funding.

"We have learned to be more efficient with
the employees and resources we have, and
to utilize our employees' best assets to do
everything we can to help the children that
come before us," she said. "We have had
to make some difficult decisions during the
past two years, but based on our results
and knowing that my campaign has the support of my fellow circuit court judges tells me that we have made the right decisions."

"I know I am the best candidate for this position," she said. "I have been successful in working with children, and I care deeply about the future of all the children and grandchildren in Mobile County.  Our children are our greatest resource. We must all work together to assure their health and safety, and to assure that each and every child grows into a productive, law-abiding adult."

Prior to assuming the bench, Mrs. Millsaps practiced extensively in juvenile court, domestic relations and probate court, and she served as a Special Probate Judge under Judge Don Davis

The judge chairs of the Mobile County Children's Policy Council, and she serves on the advisory boards of the Penelope House and Junior League. She works closely with the Underage Drinking Task Force, and is a member of the Domestic Violence Task Force and the University of South Alabama Internal Review Board. Mrs. Millsaps is also an active member of the Sunrise Rotary Club, Mobile United and Exchange Club. She and her husband, Frank, are active members of Dauphin Way Baptist Church.