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Here's what subscribers have to say:

"I don't know how Chip Drago gets the information he has. He doesn't just have the scoop on one side, but both sides. And he always seems to know where the big races and big issues are headed. His columns are "must read" for anyone interested in the public arena." 
-- Rick Heartsill, media consultant

"Receiving the Mobile Bay Times update is often the highlight of my day! I didn't realize until I ran into Chip that without a subscription, you do not receive all of the updates, and you run the risk of missing something especially interesting. We have basically only one source of local news so the Mobile Bay Times adds a much needed additional perspective on things. I consider the cost of my subscription well spent and a bargain." 
-- Sandy Robinson, attorney

"Mobile Bay Times presents some of the most thoughtful, well-researched articles on important issues facing our city and region. Add to that the speed with which it reaches my computer and Blackberry, and I have a news source I can't do without!"
-- Carol Hunter, PR professional

"I think your Mobile Bay Times is excellent. I enjoy very much reading it, since it presents the issues, mainly political, quite candidly and with background information not generally available. My subscription is paid-up, and always will be."
-- Tom Horst, retired

"The Mobile Bay Times provides current information and commentary that is invaluable in my business and civic life. The subscription is well worth the price."
-- Marietta Urquhart, commercial real estate

"Mobile Bay Times is an unbiased, comprehensive, and timely review of the political/economic climate of Mobile and its surrounding area. I would encourage individuals that want to keep current on Mobile politics to subscribe to Chip's newsletter."
-- Leonard Rich, MD

"Chip Drago does the best and only job of keeping up with Mobile politics on a day-to-day basis. His thoroughness ... provides insight into what is happening and why. He is even-handed in his reporting ... "
-- BHS, longtime reader

"The Mobile Bay Times provides quicker, better and more detailed information and analysis than any other source of information on local politics and decision making. If you want to know the inside information first, fast and correct, subscribe."
-- Al Pennington, lawyer

"Clear, clean, concise, apolitical comments or observations about elected officials and other local leaders in our community. Informative and written with a healthy refreshing sense of humor."
-- Mobile County District Judge Charles N. McKnight.

"I like being able to read your Times. It is very informative, and your writing is as good as your daddy's."
-- Sue Hanlein, retired

"If you really want to know what's going on in Mobile, read the Mobile Bay Times."
-- Earl Monroe

"Drago is right on with his timely predictions and analysis of local politics."
-- Cooper Thurber, attorney

"...where the buzz around town begins."
-- D. Chad Tucker, law enforcement

"I'm on the road 30 weeks out of the year. is a great way to keep up with the local political scene from anywhere in the world."
-- Alex Mathis, sales

"I look forward to your dispatches. Mobile Bay Times gives me timely and interesting insights into our local and area politics that I can get no where else. After subscribing for two years, I find your writing and subject matter continues to be of the highest caliber and very thought provoking. Keep bringing it on."
-- Marion Hartley

"If one really wants to know what is going on in the Mobile Bay area; subscribing to Mobile Bay Times is a must!"
-- Michael Schulz

"As a native of Mobile living a long way from home, I have come to rely on the Mobile Bay Times' and Chip Drago's timely and thorough coverage of the latest news in the Mobile area. Chip seems to particularly have his finger on Mobile's political pulse, and frequently has news well before the so-called "mainstream media" outlets do.  When you couple the great reporting with the immediate email alerts when the news breaks, the service can't be beat."
-- Bragg Van Antwerp