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Rich campaign primed
for late media blitz

By Chip Drago
Mobile Bay Times
A week before the election, Mobile mayoral candidate Bess Rich's campaign showed a balance of $64,428.72, according to her final pre-election financial report.

The disclosure showed expenditures of slightly more than $66,000 for the approximate 40-day period leading up to the election Aug. 23.

Mrs. Rich, a former city councilwoman representing District 6 in City Hall for two terms, entered the filing period with a balance of $115,809.11.

She is vying with former state Sen. Ann Bedsole, District 7 City Councilman John Peavy and Mobile County Commissioner Sam Jones to succeed Mayor Mike Dow. Dow has chosen to leave office after four terms to pursue an opportunity in private business.

Among Mrs. Rich's leading contributors were:

The Rich campaign's biggest expenditures for the filing period included: $4,250, One Media; $17,7235.25, WPMI; $4,144.60, WKRG Radio; $4,316.60, One Media; $12,112.50, WKRG; $2,000, WABB; $4,250, WKRG; and $8,355.50, WALA.

Click here for complete details of Mrs. Rich's 10-5 day pre-election filing.