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This page was last updated on: June 22, 2005
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Firefighters pick Rich for mayor

The Mobile Firefighters/International Association of Firefighters Local 1349 to no one's surprise Tuesday announced its endorsement of Bess Rich for mayor in Mobile's municipal elections Aug. 23.

Last month Rich picked up the backing of another city workers' group, the United City Workers Coalition endorsement last month.

The Rich campaign attributes the swelling support for her among city employees to her strong core services platform.

"Bess has never wavered in her commitment
to the firefighters and paramedics in this
community," said John Wiggins, president
of the Firefighters Association. "With
commitment from the top, we can improve
our response times and possibly save more

“Once again, I’m honored to accept the
endorsement of these fine men and women
who risk their lives to make us safer,” said

"They supported me in my bid for mayor in 2001 and they support me now," she added. "All I can say is I will do my absolute best
to support them in every way I can when I’m mayor. This in turn will better serve all the citizens of Mobile.”

Ms. LeAnn Tacon, fire captain and vice-president of the Association, said, “Bess understands the day-to-day operation of city government. As mayor, she will champion the role of public safety by empowering all Mobile to improve our quality of life.  The citizens of Mobile will be the ultimate winners when Bess is elected.
Bess Rich