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Rich proposes cost saving software

Mayoral candidate Bess Rich has proposed that Mobile implement a performance management software program that tracks city expenditures and saves money.

Developed by the city of Baltimore in 2000, CitiStat technology integrates database, spreadsheet, and mapping software to collect and report essential data about the delivery of city services, Ms. Rich stated in a press release issued Friday.

According to Ms. Rich, CitiStat dramatically
improved the performance of city agencies,
and saved the city of Baltimore millions of dollars.

"The program could be easily and economically
adopted for Mobile," she asserted. "CitiStat
would enable the city to collect information on
and evaluate the performance of a wide variety of
functions such as crime fighting, vacant buildings,
potholes, and summer recreation programs. Most
city agencies such as the departments of Public Works, Police, Fire, Recreation and Parks, and others would be asked to regularly measure and report on how well they serve the public."

The essential element needed to make CitiStat work for Mobile is the leadership of a mayor committed to managing city agencies to achieve excellence and results, said Ms. Rich.

As mayor, Ms. Rich said she would direct city departments to use CitiStat to regularly track how well they are performing their duties.

According to Ms. Rich, “By being able to pinpoint the true cost of conducting the business of city government, the citizens of Mobile will get the best and most cost-effective services."

City elections are scheduled for Aug. 23.

Ms. Rich, a former District 6 City Councilwoman, will oppose community leader Ann Bedsole, District 7 City Councilman John Peavy and Mobile County Commissioner Sam Jones in the race to succeed four-term Mayor Mike Dow in City Hall here.