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Please save Democratic Party

... best medicine is a thrashing it won't soon forget

By Pete Riehm
Mobile Free Press
That’s right! We need to save the Democratic Party. Like it or not, we effectively have a two-party system for now. A multi-party system is another debate for another time, but single party rule is totally unacceptable. It would be acceptance of perpetual corruption and resignation to a dying government.

So, we need two vibrant parties competing to best implement Constitutional principles and govern accordingly. Our republic is lost one without the other.

Our problem is both parties have strayed from and sometimes even scorned the Constitution. And, partisans have us mired in an obsolete left verses right paradigm.  Liberal and conservative labels only confuse the issues anymore.

We need a Constitutional revival returning to the fundamentals our founders intended. Our founders viewed governing on a spectrum with anarchy or absence of laws and no control at one extreme and tyranny or total laws and complete control at the other extreme. This is best explained by W. Cleon Skousen in “The 5,000 Year Leap” (most strongly recommended).

The Constitution was intended to facilitate self-government by a compromise of free people about the middle of that spectrum. Unfortunately, both parties embrace big pervasive government at the tyranny extreme. Democrats try to ride the beast and Republicans think they can tame the beast.

Republicans extol limited government, but their fiscal excesses were duly punished in 2006. And again in 2008, the Republicans lost because they were led by a big government loving Senator McCain who was always willing to compromise on more laws. 

The Tea Parties have jolted the Republicans such that they claim they will practice what they preach. In other words, they are gaining support because they recognize they must move away from tyranny by reducing the weight of laws and government oppression trampling the American dream.

The Democrats are thus far immune to any stigma of tyranny. In fact, they are charging toward tyranny piling on laws and regulations until every last bit of free enterprise is utterly crushed.

The Democrats no longer hide their affinity for Marxism or their Socialist agenda. They are comfortable with a benevolent dictatorship; they see huge all controlling government as the only viable option to govern an expanding modern population.

The dilemma for Democrats is their platform is essentially unconstitutional and they are finding rejected by the American people. Unfortunately, the national Democrat Party genuinely believes they will be absolved of their fiscal and regulatory excesses because of their condescending compassion and desire to care for our every need.

This leaves local and state Democrats desperately trying to convince voters they are not like those elite fanatics in Washington. Well, they really are no different as long as they allow their party to be dominated by radicals foolishly unafraid of tyranny.

These provincial Democrats need our help.
The talk in 2006 was we must send the Republicans a message. Many openly wondered if the party would benefit from losing. They were rightly banished in 2006 and finally in 2009 they commenced a Tea Party induced reformation.  Looking at their progress and prospects for 2010, the Republicans got the message and are better for it.

It’s the Democrats turn to get an electoral message. The first step to rehabilitation is to admit you have a problem. Sadly, the Democrat Party is in denial, so we need an intervention.

American voters can help save the Democrat Party by voting against every Democrat at every level. Only with incredible debilitating losses of power will the Democrat Party be forced to reconcile it’s socialist soul with the virtue and morality of the Constitution held dear by most Americans.

A sound electoral thrashing will allow local and state Democrats who claim to be moderate or conservative to purge their national party, retreat from tyranny, and start the long trek back to mainstream America.
The Republican party is better for its deserved exile and hopefully we are not too late to save the Democratic Party with a late term exorcism.

(Riehm is a retired U.S. Navy commander and a commercial real estate executive in Mobile.)
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