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America needs Sarah Palin's 'inexperience' in D.C. now

By Pete Riehm
Mobile Free Press
Gov. Sarah Palin and her beltway inexperience scored a knock out in the Vice Presidential debate. Self-appointed and self-important media judges are busy scrutinizing esoteric nuances and re-tallying points to come up with a Biden technical win. It matters not.

Palin spoke directly to the American people with clarity and integrity. She assured voters that she knows the issues, she "will" take action, and she will always work for the best interests of the country. Connecting with average Americans was her main objective and she succeeded brilliantly.

The academic aristocracy is howling that she evaded questions. Here is the gross misunderstanding of our ruling class: average Americans absolutely care not if any of the candidates answer the moderator's questions, cater to the opposition, or meet media expectations. We want them to forthrightly answer our questions -- the American voter.

By the way, Sen. Joe Biden's performance crumbles under the same intense scrutiny given the good governor. Numerous errors, some outright misrepresentations, and his incoherent tirade about Lebanon, Hezbollah, and NATO demonstrate a startlingly shallow comprehension of foreign policy. Thirty plus years of experience is useless when you are typically wrong or mistaken. But, that is another topic for another time.

When Palin exclaimed she just doesn't understand Washington ways, she nailed it. None of us working out here in fly over country understand our federal leviathan.  Americans do not want anymore Washington experience; we are quite frankly disgusted with just about every person elected, appointed, or hired in Washington.

Palin is patently competent and eminently qualified to serve as Vice President or President for that matter, but her Washington inexperience is exactly what we need.  Americans yearn for a leader who does not understand how the government spends more than it collects or enters a war and then argues whether or not we should finish it. She shares our plain and intense outrage at beltway corruption and government incompetence.

We needed Palin in DC the past two weeks to gut the monstrous financial crisis bailout bill and field dress it like an Alaskan moose. With supposedly the greatest financial catastrophe of our time, the congress could not focus on the task at hand. Quickly discarding the three or four page original bill, they craftily set upon another opportunity to stuff billions of dollars of pork into a 400-plus page bill that no one has yet to cogently explain.

Sen. John McCain was positively right to suspend his campaign and say we must fix this problem now, but he did not follow through. He too succumbed to Washington experience and finally went along with some bill so loaded with extraneous junk that the primary remedy is still misunderstood if it even can be understood.

Based on Palin's record and experience in Alaska and her inexperience in Washington, she would have demanded a simple bill dealing with only this extraordinary financial challenge. She would have insisted on open and vigorous debate including all parties and she would not have tolerated any nonsense that clouds the solution. Her genuine leadership is manifest. 

Her honest "let's get it done" approach to reform would have attained a viable solution and furthermore her direct to-the-people plain talking would have concisely explained it to the public. Americans do not understand Washington and we do not want Palin to understand Washington. We want it fixed!

The utter frustration with Washington is underestimated. Turn her loose and let her inexperience drain the DC swamp.

(Riehm is a retired U.S. Navy commander and chairman of Mobile GOP.)
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