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The Political Round-Up

GOP's Powe to run for House 98;
Rich rolls out TV ad;
State pols sick over health care bill;
In the hunt; Let George do it

By Chip Drago
Mobile Bay Times
Sharon L. Powe has announced that she will run as a Republican for the state legislative seat representing House District 98.

George E. Williams, senior vice chairman of the state GOP, and Pete Riehm, executive director of the Common Sense Campaign, an off-shoot of the Tea Party movement, were "very persuasive" in recruiting her into the race, said Powe.

Incumbent District 98 state Rep. James Gordon is seeking re-election in the Democratic primary where he is facing challenges from Prichard City Council President Napoleon Bracy and respiratory therapist Darren Flott.

Active in civic and political issues for 30 years, Powe said rather than work for various candidates in this election cycle, "the time has come for me to offer myself as a servant in the public arena."   

Her involvement in the district over the years has included service with the OES, Cyrene Crusaders, Heroines of Jericho, DOI, Golden Circle, Ladies of Perfection and Mobile City Federation of Women & Youth Clubs, Inc.

Among the issues warranting "immediate action" in District 98, she said, are "education, employment and economic enhancement."

Although her political service has been "without the title, I have a proven record of addressing the issues of the heart while other politicians were asleep," Powe stated in a fundraising letter.

She hopes to raise $30,000 to fund her first bid for public office.

Rich rolls out TV ad
GOP district attorney candidate Ashley Rich today rolled out the first television commercial in a local race. The ad features her "new campaign co-chairs," several survivors of relatives who were killed in crimes that Rich prosecuted. 

State pols sick over health care bill
The reaction was swift and furious from Alabama officials and candidates in response to the passage of the Obama Administration's signature health care reform initiative. A sampling follows:

GOP candidate for governor Bradley Byrne: "In a time when Alabama workers are looking for jobs and small businesses are trying to keep their doors open, this Congress is ignoring the sovereignty of the States, disregarding the will of Americans, spending billions more tax dollars, and putting our state and our children’s future at risk. It’s time we stand up together and push back. That is what I’ll do as governor, and as I’ve said from the beginning, I will not back down.”

GOP contender for governor Tim James: "House Democrats voted overwhelmingly to enact ObamaCare, which is a massive takeover of one-fifth of our economy ... our constitutional rights are threatened as never before. Basically, the U.S. Constitution protects individuals from being forced to buy health care. Obama’s plan calls for hiring 16,000 IRS agents to investigate Americans to make sure we have 'government approved' health care. If we don’t follow Obama’s plan, we face federal fines and more. I will lead the fight to protect Alabamians from this tyranny."

U.S. Rep. Jo Bonner, GOP congressman from the state's 1st District: "“Tonight, a stake was put through the heart of both freedom and liberty. Under the Democrats' rule, personal responsibility no longer appears to be an American virtue. And the federal government, with 16,000 new IRS agents, will be watching our every move. With a national debt over $12 trillion, and growing every minute, this is not a day for celebration; it is a moment we will all one day come to regret.”  

Republican Attorney General hopeful Luther Strange: "I will join with like-minded attorneys general from across the country to ensure that our rights to govern ourselves are protected from a federal government increasingly intent on dictating virtually every aspect of our lives. We must all be vigilant to protect our Constitution and the rights guaranteed to our citizens there under, including the 10th Amendment. The healthcare vote is just one example of the federal government’s determination to centralize power in Washington."

GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Johnson: "With the passage of the health care bill yesterday, it is evident that at least a little over half of those on Capitol Hill continue to show utter disregard for the American people. President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and most in the Democratic Party abandoned even their own expressed ideals for this bill in a blatant attempt to inject more federal control over our lives. 

"Weeks ago, this entire issue ceased being about the best interests of our citizens' health and became a power play that threatens our economy, our individual freedoms and the 10th Amendment granting state sovereignty. The national debt has risen to such an astronomical number that our minds can't even begin to grasp the depths of our debt nor its impact on this generation and many that will follow. In an administration and Congress that have already wasted billions upon billions of our hard-earned tax dollars, passage of this bill is a slap in the face of overwhelming public opinion and outcry. They have basically rendered our voices insignificant. Elections are just around the corner, and this disregard to hear the voices of the people will not be forgotten."

GOP congressional challenger Peter Gounares: "Last night Americans witnessed Washington politics at its worst. What happened on Capital Hill can be characterized as nothing short of an aggressive power grab by liberals who used the cover of compassion to mask their intent. Unless repealed, Americans face the very real possibility of seeing their quality of health care decline through rationing, and doctors leaving the profession. We risk our Constitutional rights being infringed on through government mandates, and penalties for not complying. We also risk creating an unfunded entitlement program which could very well cause the collapse of our entire economy. But can we truly blame this travesty on the Democrats alone?   Sadly, no.

If conservatives are looking to blame someone for the mess President Obama is creating, they need not look any further than the Republican Party. For six years, the Republican Party controlled both the White House and both sides of Congress. That was their opportunity to shine. It was their opportunity to do the right thing, to promote conservative principles. Unfortunately, they blew that opportunity by becoming the big spenders in Washington D.C. Instead of being fiscal conservatives, they created record deficits each year.  Under the Republicans, our nation’s national debt skyrocketed.  Health care has needed attention for decades, and for all the chiming in the Republicans have done in recent months, no attempt was made to address the issue while they controlled Washington D.C."

In the hunt
Bay area native and Huntsville attorney Mary Scott Hunter continues her GOP bid for the District 8 seat on the state Board of Education with the recent launching of billboards through the district's five counties.

Not gonna stand for it, by George
An "instant" Tea Party has been called for April 15 in downtown Mobile in reaction to passage of the Obama administration's health care reform bill, according to north Mobile County veterinarian Ben George.

Protesters are asked to rally in front of the Mobile County governmental complex at 12 noon, Thursday, April 15. The group will march to nearby Riverfront Park at 12:15 p.m. for brief speeches and the dumping of instant tea packs into the river.

The socialization of the U.S. health care industry threatens "the Constitution, the Republic, our children's inheritance, economic survival and the American dream," states George.  

For more information call 251-679-0370.   
350 Dauphin St.
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