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The Political Round-Up

A Twinkle on the Eastern Shore;
Lorrie Morgan sings Sparks' praises;
Bentley support surges in wake of nomination;
Up, up and away

By Chip Drago
Mobile Bay Times
Republican Public Service Commission nominee Twinkle Cavanaugh will address a luncheon meeting of Eastern Shore Republican Women Wednesday, Oct. 20 at 11:30 a.m. at the Fairhope Yacht Club.

Guests and prospective members are welcome. Lunch is $16. Reservations should be made no later than Monday, Oct. 18 to

Morgan sings Sparks' praises
Country music star Lorrie Morgan headlined a big countywide rally and fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ron Sparks Tuesday, Oct. 5 at Ashbury Suites on the Beltline here.

About 200 Democrats gathered for the event with many conversations turning to the exit of Artur Davis from Alabama and its political scene and the federal indictments of various legislators, political figures and gambling titans on charges of corruption in the handling of gambling legislation. According to attendees, the concensus was that Davis won't be sorely missed and a whiff of GOP involvement can be discerned in the timing of the  indictments of Milton McGregor and various candidates for office on Nov. 2.

Bedsole to Receive Historic Preservation Award
Ann Smith Bedsole will be recognized by the Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation at this year's
Alabama Preservation Conference Oct. 7-9 in Montgomery with a Gwendolyn C. Turner Lifetime Achievement Award. The Trust annually recognizes individuals and projects that have had a notable impact on efforts to save Alabama's historic places.

"Ann Smith Bedsole has been a vibrant force for historic preservation in Mobile and throughout the state," said David B. Schneider, Executive Director of the Alabama Trust. "Her incredibly long list of accomplishments has helped to make Mobile a better place and her efforts
have been instrumental in the preservation of many of the city's architectural landmarks, great and small."

The award will be presented at a "Salute to the 2010 Preservation Awards Honorees," Friday afternoon, October 8, 2010, at 5:30 p.m. at the historic Union Station in Montgomery. The Alabama Preservation
Conference is sponsored annually by the Alabama Historical Commission, the Trust, the Black Heritage Council, and a local partner. This year's conference, "Embracing Historic Places, Making Life Better," will showcase historic preservation as an economic development tool by focusing on Montgomery's downtown
revitalization successes. Donovan Rypkema, Principal of PlaceEconomics, an internationally noted expert on the economics of historic preservation, will be the keynote speaker. Additional information and conference registration can be found on the Trust's website.

The program entry for the award states: "Mention Ann Bedsole's name and the words "trailblazer," "leader," and "model volunteer" emerge.  

A native of Selma, Alabama, she became the first Republican woman ever to be elected to the Alabama House of Representatives and, later, the first woman elected to the Alabama State Senate, where she served until 1994.

Her commitment to historic preservation includes numerous projects in Mobile's historic downtown and neighborhoods as well as projects further afield. She served as the founding president of the Mobile Historic Home Tours. Her efforts to get people to care about
their downtown can be seen in successful restoration projects, such as the 1927 European-style Saenger Theatre, the renovations of the Franklin Firehouse and two other historic buildings in Mobile as well as the
Murphy House and an 1800's farm house in Monroe County.

She serves on the Mobile Historic Development Commission, the Mobile Bay Lighthouse Committee, as a commissioner for the Alabama Historical Commission, and is one of two Alabama Advisors to the National Trust for
Historic Preservation. She is active in efforts to preserve historic Barton Academy - the first public school in Alabama - and Perdue Hill's Masonic Lodge and leads the charge opposing the proposed interstate bridge over the Mobile River, which some fear will impact historically significant sites.

Local Bentley backers say better late than never
Broad and generous support in Mobile and Baldwin countians for Robert Bentley evidenced itself after the Tuscaloosa physician won the Republican nomination for governor, campaign finance records suggest.

Now among Bentley's coastal backers are:

Deep South Dermatology, $500; Sonny Callahan and Associates, $10,000; Ronnie and Roberta Swain, $500; Drs. Gordon and Margaret Mowry, $1,000;

T.A. Hall Contractors, $2,500; Dr. Joseph Fontenot, $500; Glen C. Bryant, $1,000; Marshall and Joan Gardner, $500; Bill Barnhill, $1,000;

Albert Thompson III, $1,000; DR Jordan, Sr., $1,000; Matt Metcalfe, $10,000; J.G. and Beverly Schaffer Jr., $2,500; Tom Busby, $5,000;

Steve Dampier, $10,000; John McInnis, 10,000; General Insulation, $10,000; Perdido Trucking, $1,000; Hutchinson, Moore and Rauch, $5,000;

WESTPAC, $5,000; John Ramsey, $10,000; Paul Wesch, $500; Real Estate Equity Investments, $25,000; Theodore Industrial Port, $25,000;

J. Gary Ellis, $1,000; James Rawson, $5,000; Stephen Gordon, $1,000; Ezell LLC, $1,000; Lowell J. Friedman, $1,000;

Davison Fuels, $1,000; James Nix, $1,000; Bradley Murray, $1,000; Richard Davis, $1,000; Boyd Douglass, $1,000; Taylor Morrissette, $1,000;

Alfred Neumann, $1,000; John Carden, $1,000; Jean Stimpson, $1,000; F. McAllister, $1,000; Davison Oil Co., $2,000;

Randy Billingsley, $5,000; Selwyn Turner, $1,000; Dr. Jim Harrison, $1,000; Clifton Inge, Jr., $1,000; John McClelland, Jr., $1,000;

Arlene Mitchell, $1,000; Goodman Ledyard, $1,000; Conrad Pierce, $1,000; Rodney Pilot, $1,000; Bestor Ward, $1,000;

Herb Stone, $1,000; Mike Lee, $1,000; Russell Steiner, $1,000; Joel Daves, $1,000; Jamie Ison, $1,000; E.L. McCafferty, $1,000;

Taylor Morrissette, Jr., $1,000; T.S. Damson, $1,000; Janson Graham, $5,000; John Hope, III, $1,000; T.K. Jackson, III, $1,000;

Michael Lapeyrouse, $1,000; Frank Lott, Jr., $1,000; Chris Haley, $1,000; Trip Pittman, $1,000; Win Thurber, III, $1,000; David Daniell, $1,000;

J.F. Weston, Jr., $1,000; Joe Bullard, Jr., $1,000; Gerhard Boehm, $1,000; Tom O'Melia, $1,000; Cooper-Lyon Group, $1,000;

Bill Youngblood, $1,000; Harold Miller, $1,000; Karen Sullivan, $1,000; Betty Ruth Speir, $1,000; Norvelle Smith, $1,000;

Clifton C. Inge, $1,000; Fred Helmsing, $1,000; Angus Cooper, $5,000; WestPAC, $1,000; Albert Thompson, $1,000; Ed Campbell, $1,000;

Kenny McLean, $10,000; Maisel Properties, $20,000; Ritchie McPherson, $1,000; Janey Galbraith and Associates, $1,000;

Jimmy Grodnick, $500; Todd Martin, $500; Greg Saad, $2,500; Barry Booth, $2,500; Warren Butler, $1,000; John Mostellar, $1,000; Andrew Saunders, $1,000;

T.W. Mitchell, $1,000; T.E. Mitchell, $1,000; Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, $1,000; Fred Stimpson, $1,000; Mobile Bar Pilots, $1,000;   

The Shaw Group, $1,000; Gulf PAC, $3,000; Angus Cooper, II, $5,000; David Cooper, Sr., $5,000; WESTPAC, $10,000;

Harris Morrissette, $5,000; Dr. Xiulu Ruan, $1,000; Henry Fulgham, $2,500; Mr.and Mrs. Frank Burt, Jr., $2,500; Bob Wills, $500; Betty Wills, $500;

Edward and Julie Flotte, $1,000; Paul Weaver, $1,000; Richard Sullivan, $1,000; J.R. Russell, $1,000; Mark Nix, $5,000; John White-Spunner, $5,000;

Spencer Frost, $5,000; Ashleigh Leland, $1,000; Merchants Transfer, $1,000;        

Up, up and away
The Jack Edwards Airport in Gulf Shores will receive almost $2.4 million from the Federal Aviation Administration to build access taxiways, announced U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

“We must ensure that our regional airports have the infrastructure needed to meet the needs of those traveling to, from, and through Alabama,” said Shelby.  “The Jack Edwards Airport will use this funding to construct hangar access taxiways, which will provide access from hangar sites to the airport’s main taxiway system.”
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