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The Political Round-Up

Prichard says 'bingo, that's a goodie';
Top Cop; Murphy's Law; Tanker talk: blackguards and blackmail;
A Conservative Christian poll, Moore or less;
Democratic legislator calls it quits

By Chip Drago
Mobile Bay Times
The Prichard City Council is expected today to amend its ordinance permitting and regulating electronic bingo. The amendment trims the city council-appointed Prichard Bingo Commission from five to three members. The ordinance notes technological advances that enable electronic machines to comply with the law as originally written for paper cards, comparing it to the evolution in correspondence from letters written with a quill pen to the age of e-mail. The latter two are inarguably correspondence while the former two are still bingo, albeit a technologically advanced form of bingo, but bingo nonetheless, the ordinance asserts.

Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson Jr. has said he believes electronic bingo to be illegal under state law and will address such operations accordingly.

Top cop
A nine-member screening committee has reportedly settled on three finalists in the competition to succeed recently retired Mobile Police Chief Phillip Garrett. Following a background check, the names will be submitted to Mayor Sam Jones who will name the next chief.

Jones had pledged that his pick would come from within the leadership ranks of the Mobile Police Department.

The applicants were:

Local businessman David Cooper chaired the screening committee. Its other members included:

If it ain't broke ...
Assistant U.S. Attorneys Maria Murphy and Steve Butler will retain leadership of the criminal division in the U.S. Attorney's office here under new U.S. Attorney Kenyen Brown, according to reports following a staff meeting in which Brown outlined his plans for the office. Brown previously served as an assistant in the office under former U.S. Attorney Don Foster during the Clinton administration. Various members of the local criminal defense bar all declined comment.

Tanker talk: Blackguards and blackmail
Although U.S. Sen. Patty Murray (D-Washington) earlier this week tried to wrest the crown from U.S. Rep. Tom Tiahrt, the Kansas congressman is battling hard to remain the King of the Boeing backers and most outrageous EADS/Airbus detractor on Capitol Hill. 

Thus Tiahrt, who trails, according to polls, in a bid for Senate in elections next year:

"Supporters of a French tanker, such as Senator John McCain, have continued using blackmail efforts to pressure the Air Force to change its requirements in favor of an Airbus platform. On Monday, Senator Brownback, Senator Roberts and I sent a letter to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition urging him to maintain the integrity of the KC-X Tanker program and reject these latest blackmail efforts that would skew the competition toward French workers.

"The Air Force undoubtedly knows the essential requirements for a medium size tanker and the needs of the warfighter better than Senator McCain or any competitor and should reject all blackmail attempts to skew this competition toward Airbus. If Airbus decides it cannot meet the needs of the Air Force, the Department of Defense should not delay in awarding the contract to the American-made Boeing KC-767."

Take a poll
Conservative Christians of Alabama is distributing a poll/analysis on the Alabama governor's race with an emphasis on taxes and moral issues. (See Guest Book for a report on CCOA).

Results in the early going favored former state Chief Justice Roy Moore and Bill Johnson, ex-Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs chief.

Alabama Governor Poll

My vote for Alabama Governor in the 2010 election is:

Robert Bentley (R) 1.97% 70
Bradley Byrne (R) 8.74% 311
Kay Ivey (R) 1.91% 68
Tim James (R) 16.97% 604
Bill Johnson (R) 26.94% 959
Roy Moore (R) 35.31% 1257
James Potts (R) 3.17% 113
Artur Davis (D) 0.81% 29
Ron Sparks (D) 0.48% 17
Undecided 0.67% 24
No Answer 3.03% 108
Total   3560

Dem seat to open up
State Rep. Frank McDaniel, D-Albertville, announced he will not seek re-election to a sixth consecutive term. McDonald cited a desire to spend more time with his family. District 26 includes parts of Marshall and DeKalb counties.
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