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The toughest golf hole
in Mobile/Baldwin county is ...

By Chip Drago
Mobile Bay Times
What is the toughest golf hole in Mobile and Baldwin counties? Obviously, the answer differs depending on which golfer you ask.

In a random survey, here's who MBT asked (others are encouraged to add their picks in the guest book at the end of this piece):

"No. 17 at Lake Forest, Par 3 downhill to a small green with a pond guarding it. I lived on it for 22 years and saw only a few holes-in-one ... but heard a lot of splashes. Otherwise any hole at Magnolia Grove. That's the hardest course in both counties."
-- Scott Hunter,
financial consultant

"The island hole at No. 14, Lakewood Azalea."
-- Don Foster,

"Cotton Creek No. 14. Excellent par 4. Tough drive with Out-of-Bounds on both sides. A lake on the right approaches a severely sloped green.

Par picks up strokes on the world on this one!"
-- Bill Tunnell,
executive director, USS Battleship Alabama

"No. 1 Azalea Course, Lakewood Golf Club."
-- Elliot Maisel,
Gulf Distributing CEO

"No. 1 Azalea, Lakewood."
-- Allan R. Cameron Jr.,
Managing Partner, Grubb & Ellis/Peebles & Cameron

"Lots of them come to mind but I'll say No. 9 and No. 18 at Azalea City. Long par fours."
-- Johnny Brutkiewicz,
criminal defense attorney

"Steelwood – No. 10!"
-- Michael C. Thompson,

"No. 14 at Mobile Country Club. Hard to par with any consistency."
-- B.J. Lyon,

"At Lakewood, No. 17, Azalea; No. 2, Dogwood."
-- Don Briskman,

"Kiva Dunes, 1-18."
-- Tucker Dorsey,
Baldwin County Commisioner

"No. 9 at Azalea City. From the back tees."
-- Jimbo Salem,
financial adviser

"No. 13, Steelwood."
-- Charlie Dodson,
former domestic relations judge

"Nearly any one at Magnolia Grove. Don’t play much any more. Moved to tennis."
-- John Peavy,
Peavy Construction

"Any hole around or near water."
-- Sydney Raine,
Mobile Works

"For some reason lucky No. 13 at Steelwood seems to have my number."
-- Carter Drane,
Drane Insurance

"For me, all of them, but especially No. 5 at Azalea City."
-- Joe Mishkin,
The Mishkin Group

"The 19th (watering) hole as I don't drink hard liquor anymore!"
-- Danny Sheridan,
sports analyst

To add to the "toughest golf hole" survey, sign in below:
350 Dauphin St.
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